Henry Livingston, Jr.
Clement Clark Moore

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Repeated Word - Simple Repetition
Poh, poh
Well, well
Learn, learn
Quick, quick
On, on
away, away
Home! home!
Shame! shame!
No, no
Drive, drive
long, long
ever, ever

Adieu! Adieu!
Yes yes
YES yes
with my swain
        with my swain
no, no
WELLCOME wellcome
yes yes
no no no
Out out
Down! down
        I LOVE
        I LOVE
        I LOVE
        I LOVE
        I LOVE
        I LOVE
        I love
        I LOVE
far, far
long, long

down, down
Far, far
pity; Pity
Help help!

Repeated Words - Simple Repetition
Oh dear!
        oh dear!
Do these
        Do these
the hour
        The hour
Old Dobbin
        Old Dobbin (7 times)
You saw
        You saw
To arms!
        To arms!
too well
        Too well

dash away! dash away! dash away
Dasher, now!
        Dancer, now!
Comet, on!
        Cupid, on!
to all
        to all

yet there!
        Yet there
with my swain
        with my swain
All their fondness
        all their pains
you came
        you came
little things
        little things
when I please
        when I please
the world
        the world
To tell you
        To tell you
a mind
        a mind
no more
        No more

a trick
        A trick
My country
        my country's
The Czar of the north
        The Czar of the north
children's children
never, never
in vain
        in vain
For them
        For them
to you.
        To you

Repeated Words - Repetition with Connector
as wild as
crash on crash
cloud to cloud
smile for smile
note for note
two and two
who and who
hand in hand
woman, lovely woman
as vain
as well as
kiss on kiss
street to street
soul to soul
rock to rock
couch to couch
one by one
Fainter and fainter
close and closer
side to side

as white as

shore to shore
live & live
about & about
word of all words
Transfix and transfix
As clever as
nigher & nigher
look'd, but look'd
wing in wing
Go sacrilegious caitif go
Belle dearer Belle
spray to spray
arm in arm
one by one
o'er and o'er
do you do
Eat neighbor eat
more and more
as oft as
sea on seas
Monarchs with monarchs
torn and torn
growls and growls

as well as
as pale as
stronger and stronger
again and again
Chief fac'd to Chief
Man oppos'd to Man
again and again
Horse trampled on horse,
and man grapled with man
ages on ages
Guilt, conscious guilt
he thinks he's

Repeated Words - More Complicated

can we fear
        we cannot abuse
children's children's children
the sweets
        ten thousand sweet vales
no lov'ly girl
        can a lov'ly girl
        the fair

Initial Pivot Word - a
a mingled mass
        a book
a lady
        a certain age
A joy
        a touch divine
A drunken driver
        A sudden break-down
a merry jest
        A stranger
        a quiet modest air
a look
        a nature
a keener love
        a holy fire
A breath
        a sparkle
a fluid
        A heavier mass
A stronger pulse
        a deeper tone
A spotless wife's enduring love
        A darling infant's balmy kiss
a fop
        a glutton
a parent's
        a husband's

a SAVIOR'S name
        a REDEEMER
a bush
        a lay
a friend
        A brother
a day
        a prey
a meadow
        a dewdrop
a smile
        a simper
A long petition
        a thousand names
a stroke
        a pretty joke
A cup
        a servant
        a single sip
        A lump

a few coward moments
        a chain
a pipe
        and a friend
        a joke
a pipe
        and a friend
        a joke
a pipe
        and a friend
        a joke
A Snail
        a Rose
a ghost
        a letter
        a post
a ghost
        a letter
A tear in her eye
        and a sigh from her breast
a pipe
        and a friend
        a joke
a week
        a deep relapse

Initial Pivot Word - and
and swelling buds
        And youthful blood
and plump
        and sound
and vest
        And well-fill'd trunk
        and basket
        And ev'ry bandbox
and wave
        and sky
And, for the dinner dress, arrangements made
        And, ere another rapid hour had flown
and waltzes
        and odd ends
And dark inquiring eye
        and look of care
And, now
        and then
and night
        and noon
and shook
        And downright scolded
and fears
        and doubts
And teach
        And come
and fretfulness
        and secret dread
and health
        and joy
and smooth
        and new
and patches
        and odd ends
and vacant eye
        And idly sad
and claws
        and shanks
And movements
        and notes
and pliant
        and cool
And you've special good reason
        And the pleasures
And strutting
        and swelling
and spit
        and spatter
and seidlitz
        and blue pills
And brings
        And leaves
And thought
        and silence
And gaze
        And mocks
        And let
and snow
        And trees
And brooks
        And blossoms
And hopeful hearts
        and hearts forlorn
And southern breezes
        And sweetest roses

and shouted
        and call'd
And fill'd
        And laying
        And giving

And scoffing cry
        And is your boasted leader gone
and glitter
        and show
and noise
        And riots loud voice
And the bane
        And the rascally palfrey
and die
        And ev'ry Field
& years
        & time
and the woodman retires
        And Vesper shines
and hawling
        & shoving
        & pushing
& annihilate time
        And chase sower sadness
and error
        and ignorance
& lawyers
        & jurymen
And lovers meet
        & meeting marry
And murder
        and truth
And sweeter than music a cadence
        And this
and lawful
And Skunks
        and field mice
and tulips
        And daffodils
and Autumn
        and fair-bosom'd Spring
And the light'nings
        and thund'rings
and squabbling
        and wrangling
        and spite
and carnage
        and flame
and pedlars
        and imported goods
and blush'd
        and smiled
and truth
        and friendship

and Venus
        and the jolly Silenus
and pleads the cold weather
        And vows her ideas
and slay
        And slaughter
and cloud
        and once more
and Science
        And each moral feeling
And empires
        and kingdoms
        and kingdoms
        and empires,
and Austria,
        and Sweden,
        and Spain,
and scribble,
        and dream,
And glory
        and victory
and bustle
        and shine
and Science,
        and Friendship
And find her,
        and the hero,
And fields,
        and meadows,

Initial Pivot Word - his/her
his force
        his own
her loftiest power
        her efforts
His actions
        His precepts
        His well-lov'd image
        His cherish'd name
Her thoughts are free
        her slumbers mild
His duties
        his pleasures
his charge
        his station
        his task
his foe wrong
        his own notions right
her tear-stain'd eyes
        her cheek
Her Heaven-aspiring virtues
        her peaceful soul
        her mind
        her spirit's course
her half-closed eye
        her sunken cheek
        her plaintive cry
        Her dying gasp
Her stiffen'd limbs
        Her clay-cold parting kiss
        Her awful prayer for mercy
Her cease cough
        her quick and panting breath

her mantle
        her tale
his career
        His cheek
her sounding pinion
        her little minion
her charms
        her neck
her standard
        her deep-rooted throne
his cares
        his crown
her slender bill
        her leisure
his eternal restless CRAVE
        his petitions
his leather pouch
        his crib
        his nest

his back
        his pack
His droll little mouth
        his chin
his finger
        his nose

her name
        Her page
        Her Tromps
        her Evertsons
his turban
        his sofa
his throne
        his own
Her name
        her praise
her charms
        her sweetness
his past valor
        his name
        his place.
her frontiers advancing,
        Her millions encrease
Her fame
        her praise
'Till the joys of Millenium
        'Till the unballanc'd spheres
Her fragrance gone:
        her beauty blasted,
Her name must be sprightly,
        her character spruce;
Her maps
        her volumes
        Her globes
his nature
        his fingers
his least controul
        his soul

Initial Pivot Word - in
In steamboats dashing
        in rail-cars hurl'd
        in swift vessels bounding
in disappointment's tear
        In bounteous Nature's works
in mind
        in their forms
in social pastimes skill'd
        in Greek and Latin drill'd
in language
        in dress
in happier times
        in the favor'd climes
in cellar
        in garret

in the brightest skies
        in his all-searching eyes
in story
        in glory
in vengeance
        in flame
In transport
        in his arms

In peace unobtrusive,
        in war's fearful rage,

Initial Pivot Word - like
like fawns
        like flow'rets


Like a sweet pretty lady
        like another Miss Prim

Initial Pivot Word - negatives
Nor let
        Nor grieve
no music
        No bird
no common value
        no more her steps
        not, if you're return'd
No modish lay
        no melting strain
Not e'en
        Nor fortune's storms
no summer suns
        no vernal showers
Nor which
        Nor how
No secret malice
        No passion dangerous
neither Reason's
        nor Religion's
No morbid cravings
        No pois'nous fumes
        No goblin visions
No vertigos
        No bursts
        No burning stimulants
Nor let thy seams
        Nor fear the fate
Nor crush one rising bud
        nor all your moments waste
no brilliant phantoms
        No airy spectre
No sad
        nor strange

Not a creature
        not even a mouse

no more
        Nor yet
Nor pleasure's voice
        nor cheerful sound
Nor Death
        Nor Sin
Nor scowling tempests
        Nor one sharp thorn
Nor wish
        nor ask
No rude winds
        No red lightnings
        No loud thunders
never ascertain'd
        never will dare
Nor knew
        nor age
        nor sex
Nor knew
        nor wish'd
Not over wise
        nor quite a knave

no longer
        no more
No want
        nor grief
nor stop'd,
        nor turn'd
Nor this can conquer,
        nor the other yield

Initial Pivot Word - of
of the rout
        of his morning meal
of fun
        of playful strife
of peril
        of fear
of study
        of art
Of fav'rite melodies
        of sportive friends
of fun and mirth
        of fickle fashion's wildest features
of deep learning
        of sterling worth
of sparkling virgin gold
        of Nature
of care
        of many a tear
of the master's art
        of this inward light
of beauty
        of sense
of lustre mild
        of a child
Of pleasure
        Of present joys
of rosy light
        of purest ray
Of sov'reign empire
        Of power
of dollars
        of cents
of discord
        of strife
of the age
        of your head
of lost Eden's pure delights
        of all our bliss
of only good
        of youth
        of distant ills
of Truth's domain
        of this earth
of a race
        Of birds
of your art
        of my heart


of dust
        of his race
Of aspect engaging
        of manners refined
of an undisturb'd mind
        Of friendship
Of beauty
        Of pain
of death
        of Health
of form
        of face
of purse
        of taste

of distress
        of her foes
of strife
        of life
of this,
        and of that,
        and of t'other,

Initial Pivot Word - so
so happy
        so gay
so smiling
        so blest
so lucid
        so clear
        So sharp
so fair
        so bright
so fast
        so pure
so fair
        So smooth
        so free
So pure
        so steady
        so bright
so clear
        So cool
        so colorless
So lightly
        so fair
so nicely
        so well
so firm
        so ordered

so soft
        so kind
so smooth
        so sweet
so true
        so loving
so prudent
        so sweet
        so fair
so fatal
        so keen

So kindly to give
so meek
So great
        so sudden

Initial Pivot Word - the
The restless rambling
        the present race
The towering mountains
        the valleys green
the thoughtful mind
        the highest pleasures
the goodliest tree
        the wanton wind
the rustling foliage
        the drooping flowers
The long expected day
        The oppressive atmosphere
The horison
        The sky
The southern breeze
        the dense and lurid cloud
the gust
        the wind
The birds
        the setting sun
        The diamond rain-drops
        The clouds
the magic scene
        The morn succeeding
        The western breeze
the steamer ceas'd
        The paddles slowly plash'd
the vessel
        the shore
        the steam
        The gallant boat
The smiling maids
        the careless gaze
the wild-fowl fly
        the fishes from the water leap
the strife
        the tumult
        the noise
the hack-men
        the baggage-boys
the deck
        the living chaos
The woods
        the river's rocky margin steep
the mem'ry
        the past
the babe
        the while
the mortal
        the wordy torrent
the tumult
        The innate selfishness
the eye
        the heart
the mind
        the inmost soul
the open deck
        the cool refreshing wind
the thought
        the mind
The azure heav'n
        The glorious light
        The cloud-form'd shadows
        The cool untainted zephyr
        The sparkling stream
The hills and vales
        The shrubs and grass
the azure sky
        the shore
the winged boat
        the crystal
the medley
        ihe notes
the air again
        the strain renew'd
the Muses
        the Graces
the stricken flint
        The sudden brilliance
the scene
        the meadow
        the green
The hours
        The pleasures
the course
        the plan
the eastern skies
        the morn
th' heavens
        the elements
the eye
        The foliage
        the varied hues
the girls
        the throng
the moon
        the Spring
the modest blush
        the vulgar stare
The charms
        The flaunting tulip
the guilty leer
        The sober matron's frown
        the witling's sneer
the Goddess
        the festive round
the lightnings flash
        the meteors blaze
The sparkling eye grows dim
        the roses fade
the splendor
        the starry dome
the vicious
        the loose
the feelings
        the breast
the deep
        The listless passengers
the hostess smiles
        the beaux upbraid
        The whispering murmurs rise
        the gape goes round
the guests
        the dance
the sparkles
        the dust
        the folk
        the world
The muses
        the loves
the birds
        the tuneful choir
the gnats
        the flies
the dark night
        the sun's blessed light
the table
        the best
the breeze
        the main
        the trees
the mental eye
        the sky
The feeble plaint
        the involuntary cry
        The fierce convulsive throw
        the fainting breath
        The heaving groan
        the deep-drawn burning sigh
The morning ramble
        the evening dance
The rout
        the feast
the soul-entrancing song
        The flatterer's whisper
        the lover's glance
the sufferer's grateful prayer
        the pressure
        the dying hand
the joys
        the snow

The stockings
        the chimney
the lawn
        the bed
        the matter
        the shutters
        the window
        the shutters
        the sash
The moon
        the breast
        the new fallen snow
the wild hurricane
        the sky
the house-top
        the coursers
        the sleigh
the beard
        the snow
The stump
        the smoke

the bustle
        the day
The tumult
        the noise
the dark region
        the tomb
the vision
        the deep profound
the winter
        the pleasanter May
The frost
        the ice
        the snow
The Linnet
        the soft cooing dove
The grasshopper chirps
        The butterfly wings
the weak
        the rational soul
the taste
        the town
The sov'reign
        the skies
the downy chin'd god
        the lasses
the Bard
        the night
the town
        The city
The passions
        the soul
The lion
        the field
the Bullock
        the stall
The valiant child
        the serpents den
The Hydra
        the young intruder
The lofty oak
        the towering pine
the east
        the sun
the night
        the flocks
the raptures
        the skies
the beauteous lambkin
        the skies
The lambkin
        the great behest
the name
        the Deity
the interests
        the mind
The ruddy cheek
        the smiling morning face
the gushing tear
        the stone
The Cornich
        the fretted gold
the brown horrors
        the nodding wood
the star
        the jolly hours
the loves
        the graces
the name
        the swain
the poet
        the night
the prise
        the hall
the hum
        the news
the wide spreading vapours
        the poor remnant
the glee
        the fun
The num'rous plants
        the field
the tight closely puckered chammeze
        the light airy frisk
        the loose poloneze
the shoe
        the soft shammy glove
the prize
        the altar
the terror
        the nations
the seaboy
        the hurricane's roar
The chief
        the Granican flood
        the fates
        the shore
The lily
        the new-open'd rose
the seas
        the fair
the maidens
        the swains
        the cadence
        the plains
The prince
        the fairies
the rights
        the people
the enigma
        the name
        the plain
The monarch
        the globe
The chief
        the Granican flood
        the fates
        the shore
The sun-shine
        the week
the mercuries
        the day
        the prey
the peaceful burghers door
        the sleeping folks
the glass
        the tedious ev'ning
The ribband
        the gause
        the ostrich's feather
the weight
        the huge obligation
the clatter
        the matter
the dust
        the ground
        the deeds
the radiance
        the disconsolate dame
the patriot band
        the skies
The winged shaft
        the hapless insect
The guardians
        the hallow'd ground
the false trollop
        the world
the pride
        the shame
the cadence
        the plains
The region
        The season
the prowling wolves
        the hungry birds
The scourge
        the land
the mortal road
        The only diff'rence
        the mode
        The men
        the rear
the glade
        the nodding grove
The country
        The first
The tree
        The period
The prelude
        the prospect
The tidings
        the rushes
The day arriv'd
        the chair was plac'd
The Tyger
        The Cocks
        the skies
the story
        The birds
The table drawn
        The damask spread
'th unfolded door
        the sanded floor
the pious few
        the covenant
the morning's roseate ray
        the glorious march
        the lulling ev'ning
the night
        the day
        the freed spirit
        the Jerusalem
        'th eternal SOURCE
the morsel
        the maker
the hour
        the very minute
the wit
        the wisdom
the mountains
        the howling winds
The tides propitious
        the zephyrs fair
the destin'd port
        The anchor
the high recording fane
        'th immortal Clinton's name
The lads
        the lasses
The hammer rings
        the furnace glows
The ploughman's ditty
        the plain
        The striped banner
        the main
the high recording fane
        'th immortal Clinton's name
The tides propitious
        the zephyrs fair
the flowery meadows
        the fields
        the woods
the buckles
        the richness
The soul
        th' expiring breath
the sacrifice
        the maid
The time
        the sky
the butterfly
        the fair
the shade
        the grove
the light
        the human face
The Die
        the terrific Screw

the top
        the airy parnassus
the news
        the world's region vast
the old world
        the blue tide
the proof
        the pudding
        the taste
the glass
        the cups
the monarch
        the deluge advance
The fierce Napoleon
        the field
the meditated storm
        The hero Alexander
        the train
        th' extended plain
the rising day
        the strife
the foe
        the great decisive blow
the man
        the glory
the hardy rural swains
        the fruitful plains
the dire disaster
        the flood
the Ocean
        the happy field
the sword
        the world
the motley crew
        The foe
the fair
        the air
The impious despoiler
        the van
        the flight
'Th expansive heaving
        the new
        The varying scenes
        the year
the finger
        the throne
The Greeks
        the strife
the way
        the news deliver day
the news
        the day
the best
        the day
The initials
        the name
the bright treasures
        the arts
the shores
        the West
        th' emporium
        the fair queen
        the main
the port
        The anchor
The high mettled courser
        the ground
        the fault'ring adieu
the grim scenes
        the hero
the storm
        the thunder's dread gleam
        The foe
the dark air
        the plain
the piles
        the slain
the far walls
        the echoes
the soul
        the waves
the tide
        The mind
The guardian thorn
        The snail
The God
        the brother
        The initials
        the name
the belle
        the town
The doubts
        the fears
the triumph
        the day
The glory
        the spoil
the just
        the fitting
the plough
        the keel
the old world
        the new
The arts
        the sciences
the embroiled sky
        the impetuous lightning
The subtle young Theban
        The perplexing enigma
        The King who
the vales
        the woodland's
The coquette
        the prude

Initial Pivot Word - to
to read
        to complain
to stray
        To hunt
        to fish
        to visit
to writing
        to books
        To walking
To render you unquiet
        To make your peace
to employ
        to check
to their welcome rest
        to her father's cheek
        to his breast
to bed
        to this sublunary state
to mortal earth
        to immortal Heaven
to rest
        to endless joy
to waken
        to assuage
to fulfil
        to his skilful hand
to decide the affair
        to counsellor Owl they should straightway proceed
to the judge
        to be put on
to the heart
        to rise
        o friendship's ties
to stand
        to view
to early bliss
        to all that's bright
to tell
        to dwell

to know
        to dread
        to his work

To ward off
        to seize
to Thee
        to part
to share
        to bear
to gase
        to die
To tea
        to sweet Willy's rout
To my dear brother Beekman
        to write
To the arms
        to meet
to preach
        to hear
to his own fav'rite road
        to the blest abode
to do
        to encourage
to fly
        To seize
To wing
        to die
to sigh
        to me
To physicians
        to lawyers
        to printers
to the press
        to come
to say
        to day

to reward
        to say
To spread
        To heighten
        To banish
to death
        to take
to dust
        to the ground
to plague
        to vex
to soothe
        to bless
To feel
        To whom
to prize,
        to die

Initial Pivot Word - with
With features brighten'd
        with looks more gay
with hunger
        with thirst
with wonder
        with joy elate
With touch of fire
        with firm-set mouth
With manners polish'd
        with lively faces
with scorn
        with all the hues
With food surcharg'd
        with wine and wassail, mellow
with laughing eye
        With rapid foot

with sweetness
        with health
with gold
        with diamonds

Initial Pivot Word - other
Half laughing
        half provok'd
your accents
        your youth's adventures
at first
        at coming home
they wish'd
        they care
How seem we
        How ev'ry fancied form
        How all the distance
your extra wardrobes
        your books
more threat'ning
        more loud
oft were heard
        oft appear'd
all within
        all without
ev'ry word
        ev'ry look
seeming friendship
        seeming friend
for an answer
        for a careless yes or no
at ease
        at first
        At length
on their prey
        on the baggage
at night
        at noon
When unaccustom'd objects
        When favoring skies
They climb'd
        They sought
They felt
        they had
On hoarse pianos
        On such a day
For him
        for a purring, chimney-corner cat
ev'ry item
        ev'ry morn
more fair
        more fit
        more distinguish'd
each moment
        each heart
For all
        for the homeward car
we mortals feel
        we roam
Some waken'd feeling's momentary glow
        Some swift impression
Each modern grace
        each harmless change
some angry power
        some demon's skill
If deaf
        If reason's gentle voice
By arts
        by prostitutes
their brows
        their eyes
thus your minds be fashion'd
        thus impress'd
'Tis sweet
        'tis wholesome
most opposite
        most widely plac'd
who roam
        who dare maintain
These flowers
        these fruits
There runs
        there is
When every creature
        When bees
by feverish dreams
        by goblin forms
        by din
By friendship's dew
        by fickle zephyrs
Thy charms
        thy praise
Thy heavenly form
        thy virtues
        Who (5 times)
As grave
        as a judge
we turn
        we may discern
those qualms
        those aches
by malice
        by spleen
your slumbers light
        your thoughts serene
my cause
        my lot
        my Judge's breast
        my fault
As light
        as you
Where brightest colours
        Where native worth
        Where all
        Where Truth's all-piercing eye
Still fearless
        Still artless
thy heart
        thy tender years
        thy cherubs
        thy bosom
Your sunbeams bright
        your transient showers
thy bosom
        thy arms
        thy prayer
Fancy's pencil
        Fancy's self
When youthful passion
        When early love
that devours
        that swells
mere breath
        mere ink and paper
All science
        all rules
our frail inconstant state
        Our frailty
Now rais'd
        now low
We spurn
        We rush
        We raise
        We splash
With eager steps
        with deeper dread
true pre-eminence
        True dignity
Who care
        Who heed
our lightly tripping feet
        Our life
That seem like clouds
        That speck the vernal sky
What covert way
        what faintly shadow'd line
on the working
        on a breath
on purity
        On science
on some elegant sporting
        on my life
that figure
        that soft-smiling face
when the breath
        When faithful swains
common use
        common sense
oft will seek
        nor seek in vain
Temperance meetings
        temperance halls
        Temperance concerts
        temperance balls
or smoke
        Or opium's treach'rous aid
Or rush
        Or flow
        Or shine
Or pebbly runnels
        Or margin
        Or streamlet
in the ambient air
        In misty vapor
        In clouds
        in dew
        In earth
be thy honor'd name
        be thou Naiad
be displac'd
        be own'd
        be disgrac'd
for contemplation's powers
        For learning's rugged paths
        For deep research
Still blithe
        Still let
some pure congenial spirit
        Some swift etherial soul
thy sweet command
        thy parting hand
        thy smile
my solitary shades
        my frame pervades
thy glance
        thy smile
such this sacred band
        such peace
For better
        for worse
its young one
        its new-fledg'd offspring
many ills
        many foes
we thoughtless say
        We dream
Perhaps they are
        Perhaps they're
Good children
        good things
your room
        your nursy
I cannot resolve
        I hope
        I shall not see
some books
        Some toys
My spirit owns
        My circling blood
I know
        I feel
our joys
        our pains
I weeping
        I thought
        I could not realize
May ever dance
        Smay the wintry winds be checked

all in fur
        all tarnish'd

That to be mortal
        That as the spark
Let earth rejoice
        let heav'n resound
each promise
        each varying scene
E'er Phoebus
        E'er the mountains
all the gay town
        all its inhabitants
YOU can confer
        you smile
Each bush
        each zephyr
Thy health
        thy reason
thy glistn'ing eye
        Thy lovely infant train
e'er the sun
        E'er the sky-lark
my love
        my life
        my all
thy flame
        thy raptures
your dear bosoms
        your faces
thy head
        thy cousin
thy wicket ball
        thy wild ambitious kite
thy marble
        thy wishes
their helter skelter joys
        their most rapacious handling
she hath been
        she cries
he bent
        he cry'd
in sweet blandishment
        in despair
she swims
        she goes
        She's crowded
To this day
        & this alone
my breast
        my faultring tongue
you most hated
        you admired
Such gadding
        such ambling
        such jaunting
New shirts
        new cravats
If it suits
        if you please
'Twas love
        'twas tenderness
        'twas all
ye lads
        ye lasses
all the day
        all night
That period
        That passion
Where plenty
        Where scenes
can bear
        can hear
as bluff
        as Hector
as they rise
        as lawful prize
our gen'rous donors
        our sacred words
All a blue serene
        all innocence
Too long
        too broad
        to admit
I blush
        I speak
        I declare
I have been told
        I must disbelieve
        I would never receive
their corn
        their swill
I rise
        I lie down
by night
        by day
Each grace
        each muse
is our LOT
        is hers
My happiness
        My puppy
my belov'd abode
        My puppy
Where her standard
        Where the maidens
their bosoms
        their suits
He had his faults
        he was kind
as op'ning roses
        As 'th expanded lilly
its first
        its greatest
our ruin
        our good Mother Eve
their king
        their squadrons
Now wad'd here
        now stalk'd there
thy murky place
        thy recreant face
their day
        their lyres
I bid
        I faintly dream
He prayed
        he touch'd
evr'y page
        evr'y line
my word
        my double-curd
As cobweb frail
        as vapor light
their pinks
        their peaches
shall sound
        shall wound
by land
        by water
Or Bragman
        Or Johnny
While tempest roar'd loud
        while shrill scream'd the blast
we all can predict
        we wish
If fevers shall rage
        If hurricanes level
        if congress shall make
they love
        they admire
than blossoms
        Than Summer's green gown
Its suns
        its moons
        its stars
Where Chimborazo
        Where the gigantic Maranon
or planet
        or star
WHEN blooming health
        When nature sunk
        When yawning dreadful
my heart
        my own
        my soft affections
I'll hear
        I'll fly
my swain
        my rapture
Thus Stephen sung
        Thus taught
forever flown
        forever gone
all smirk
        all smile
or slow
        or keen
Israel's sin
        Israel's shame
by kindred atoms
        By lapse
He grin'd
        he receiv'd
Or right
        or wrong
is left
        is sterling plate

But still
        But that
what tricks
        What monarchs
for you
        for me
Resisted alas
        resisted in vain
he once vanquish'd
        he sinks
thy fair face
        Thy heroes
        thy foes
Thy statesmen
        thy interest
        thy children
our sky
        our heads
your bed
        your head
thy reign
        thy train
Their foes pressed on
        Their sabres shine brighter
or submission
        or flight
Our favorite hero
        our ALLEN
your road
        your abode
we tipple
        we puff away
Each kindly aiding breese
        each tide
your faithful lover
        your beauties
        your fond embrace
I cannot say
        I am told
I declare
        I cannot see
my sweetest notes
        my song
what glories rise
        What hues celestial paint
our ransome
        our friend
by th' Eyptians ador'd
        By the Jews 'twas despised
        by them abhor'd
By nature
        by art
she did send
        she call'd
I blush
        I am writing
my face
        my very thoughts
I declar'd
        I felt
        I jumpt
each breast
        each tongue
each action
        each word
thy name
        thy fame
on fat pork
        on buttermalk,
        on poraturs
Our merchants sell cheap
        our taverns deal nectar,
Who sets monarchs up
        and who pulls monarchs down,
Thy lofty pine
        And thy rich plains
War is the most terrific
        war the first
saw him fall,
        and saw his followers fly
Descend celestial nymph,
        descend sweet peace,
Our habits,
        our manners,
        our name,
very dull,
        and very long
Go, gentle Tyro,
        go your way,
for honor,
        for freedom
or submission
        or flight
They engage
        And they triumph
England is tranquil
        as England can be
Where Freedom
        Where kind Hospitality
How new,
        how cruel
The poison caught
        the Rose consented,
perceived with grief
        perceived too late!
my drooping head,
        my shatter'd wing.
ye balmy winds
        Ye roving clouds.
        ye waters
has its charms,
        has no alarms.
Now seem resign'd
        now burst
Each face
        Each eye
        each heart
my precepts were utter'd,
        my maxims made known;
I open'd my treasures
        I rais'd their ambition
I hail'd
        I cried,
I talk'd
        I laid down
I cried,
        I'll crown
he retir'd,
        He seem'd

Initial Pivot Words
when they felt
        When they had risen
        when their ev'ning orisons were o'er
Are these the charms
        Are these your boasted powers
        are these the arts
on the ruffled stream
        on the Muse
have not these eyes
        have not these tell-tale sighs
Once more I wake
        Once more invoke
And ev'ry floweret
        And ev'ry heart
Whate'er I drink
        whate'er I eat
Whate'er I wont
        whate'er I will
my only drink
        my only song
all your wine-fill'd casks
        all your flasks
I would not bid
        I would not overcloud
in the forest
        in the settled gloom
to the day
        to the grave

in their beds
        in their heads
To the top of the porch
        to the top of the wall
to his sleigh
        to his team

all is quiet
        all is peace
What more can friendship
        what more fondness
Take that line
        Take that passion forming nature
What the coxcomb's brow
        What the bigot
And the golden tress'd God
        And the colour
        And the chief
If you hop
        if you run
I will meet
        I will freely bless
of the trees
        of the fairies
        of the tree
And the word
        And the creatures
parties at coffee
        parties at wine
What the peasant enjoys
        What the pretty girls cry
What each one pursues
        what each observer discovers
O'er her sublunary road
        O'er her head
hoops at right angles
        hoops at the hips
from the dear little poll
        From the tip-top
a false wen
        a false bump
        a false hip
        a false rump
The sows my sweet madam
        the sows I repeat
To the clergy
        To the farmer
        To the sexton
like the lone mourning dove
        Like the Arabians shifted tent
formed to betray
        Form'd to fascinate
Free my heart
        free my hand
as the youthful May
        As the brilliant morning
A Capac rose
        a Capac fell

a thousand storms
        a thousand forms
as the mirror
        as the eglantine
Again he pores
        again he pries
Let the maid
        Let the reader
Eighteen hundred and Six,
        Eighteen Hundred and Seven!
And her bay
        and her rivers
Again I'll raise
        Again I'll hail
What tho' gay nature
        What tho' the gardens
A charming morning added he,
        A charming morning echo'd she;

Single Word Against Phrase
        is not
        all bliss
Come then
preserve unchang'd
        all welcome
our reason
of Genius
        lovely tempter, yes
        a sad farewell

        Dasher, now!
        Comet, on!

        adieu adieu
        ten thousand
        ten thousand
        thrice happy
        children-like men
        press'd on throngs
        free my hand
        break his vows
of love
        break his vows

Single Word Within Phrases
North or South
        East or West
about my ears
        Confounds my brain
        splits my head
more deep
        the deep cerulean hue
Old men smooth shorn
        Rich men ill clad
strong and large
        sweet and kind
        little Sue and Meg
        William and John
light and sound
        So sharp and near
fear and pain
        peace and joy
ear and eye
        might and main
Ah no
        no such fate
two children and her spouse
        Henry and his troop
snug and tidy
        all right and tight
lurking smiles around her features play'd
        furtive glances toward her father stole
Cool winds will heated grow
        dust will fly
names were register'd
        rooms were shown
Segars and Politics
        end and aim
cold and tame
        languishes and dies
drink the waters
        taste the hurried meal
the hours they flew
        Those winged hours
cheat the time
        haste the weary day
billiards and backgammon
        rings and hooks
twist or twirl
        toss or twitch
Italian counts and Spanish dons
        Sedate and grave
words and phrases
        grand and fine
Uncurl a whisker
        rumple a cravat
        Disturb a curl
hope and trust
        well and right
Their things were pack'd
        they were ready
Humble the praise
        trifling the regard
Soft maiden blushes
        strange maiden freaks
distill The liquid sweets
        build the curious cell
who would learn
        she would
in her cause
        to her laws
in every place
        at every hour
caus'd no dread
        call'd no sigh
breath so sweet
        tints so gay
Prolong'd the dance
        pour'd the song
Refine the dews
        new-tint the flowers
wanton trills and sliding semitones
        Light-finger'd runs and turns misplac'd
each lead
        fitted for each
bitings and blows
        squeaking and grunting
        screaming and crowing
youth and health
        And ev'ry heart
pure and wise
        glowing thoughts and visions
rack your joints
        cloud your brain
And waste
        old and new
Port, and Hock
        Burgundy and Claret
Ye Nymphs and Naiads
        chrystal founts and streams
gay and sportive
        rude and rocky
Delight the old
        captivate the young
how can earth present
        what can waken rapture
silent and serene
        maiden gentleness and love
sounds and sights
        pain and death
cold and stern
        bright and gay
How short the distance
        our steps how few
gilded mists and clouds
        flattering Hope and fickle Fancy
Come children dear, and look
        soft and light
Your screeches and screams
        me and my goodies
depth and strength
        Soft sympathetic sounds and tremors
mild decay and slow
        so bright and fair

Prancer, and Vixen
        Dunder and Blixem
from his head
        to his foot

lay & wrankled
        die & cease
TRANSACTION how sublime
        LOVE how infinite
drop 'th unbidden tear
        heave the sigh
What the paltry scribbler
        When the envious maggot
        Where the river wide
Morning of the human day
        Full of innocence
on her cheeks
        in her eye
        round her bosom
by her merit
        than her charms
        to her arms
Meet thy vast capacious wish
        Court thy cormorantal belly
Is much deny'd
        Yet much my dear is given
simple & sage
        freeman & Liberty
of their choice
        for their hands
upon her
        Her domicile
child of Bethuel
        sister of Laban
throng at her elbow
        tread on her toes
Forlorn are the nymphs
        dejected the swains
refin'd ev'ry bliss
        multiplied ev'ry delight
engage the affection
        bind the soft heart
passion & truth
        beauty & youth
end of my plowing
        aim of your speaking
ruffles new hemmed
        wristbands new stitched
shirts are in tatters
        jackets in rags
He urg'd his suit
        but urg'd in vain
felt & gave
        Enrich'd & graced
        protected & carest
In her bosom's
        on her cheek
greatest & best
        beauty & science
the long and the short
        mumbling & mincing
War, their amusement
        ten thousand fall
Leave your honey-suckle wooing
        Take your music
        Stop your loud nocturnal tune
I bless and hail
        thy worth and fame
With their good broad-swords
        by their side
fox would bow
        madame Crane would curtsie
Recount our joys
        relate our grief
A bubble almost lost
        within that bubble lies
Sullen and feeble
        proud and poor
sail is furl'd
        around is peace
grief and pain
        distress and death
Spare your victim
        Charmer spare
Nor can I live
         living, live forlorn
clip'd and sweated
        worn and old

sceptre and crown
        freedom and morals
river and sea
        unshackled and free
not a tide
        nor ere whispers a gale
blest Peace still reside
        Philanthropy, warm, still ennoble
        Fair Science, go on, still allure
Orpheus, the musician
        Neptune the God
You know
        or you
I puff up the smoke
        and it curls round the room
greatest of Merces
        this Chief of renown
Receiv'd her conquerors
        and seal'd her fate
There thy lakes expand,
        And here thy noble rivers bless
comrades in arms,
        and copartners in crime,
To darken those fields
        they had darken'd before,
All rack'd with despair
        and bewilder'd with fear,
crowd to his statue
        and weep o'er his urn
may curs'd Faction ne'er brood
        May Luxury never prevail,
bales or casks,
        porrengers or flasks
        cool or cold
Avoid the rocks,
        and shun the land.
sands of malice,
        rocks of pow'r
Well met sweet miss! the ruffian cried
        Well met indeed, the colt replied
wit be doom'd
        to combat wit

Single Word, Reversed Meaning Within Phrases
refuse to speak
        speak too soon

Mama in her kerchief
        I in my cap

From the dark mansion
        To the bright empire
arouses to fury
        lulls to repose
arouses to fury
        lulls to repose
wisest of monarchs
        weakest of men

Single Word at End of Phrases
Yet still
        And still
I sigh
        and sigh
Not pleasure
        solid pleasure
of Heav'n
        how can Heav'n
this way
        that way
boil it
        swallow it

Dasher, now!
        Dancer, now!
Comet, on!
        Cupid, on!

His pow'r
        The power
was there
        moved there
would I praise
        forever praise
And Brethren
        none but brethren
about her
        without her
Is much deny'd
        Yet much my dear is given
thrice happy
        too happy
adore her
        too happy
Her beauty
        their beauty
her sweeter face
        their faces
about her
        without her
around him
        wound him
Delia's breast
        A breast
Green caty-dids draw him
        a nutshell contains him
are acted
        or not acted
about her
        without her
perceived them
        receive them
with her
        in her
T'was gold
        and gold
Hail home
        sacred home
the fountain
        That fountain
She smil'd
        and smiled

on her
        from her
present it
        resent it
neglect them
        protect them
disclaim it
        name it
must not
        will not
entertained you,
        and sooth'd you
Thy ev'ry path
        be still a path

Parallel Phrase Construction, No Word Repetition
clamorous girls
        boisterous boys
health impair'd
        hearts depress'd
        spirits burden'd
Apparent waste
        fruitless efforts
bitter wrath
        vengeful hate
firm hand
        watchful eyes
Southey's wonders
        Montgomery's charms
fresh spirits
        new life
wealth forgets its pride
        fiercest disputants forego their strife
Gay Frenchmen
        Young Englishmen
Virtue's handmaid
        Religion's friend
heart-rending thought
        deep-sinking stain
gay gavotte
        dizzy waltz
Trace Nature's laws
        explore the starry maze
sickening pleasures
        wearisome delights
India's gems
        Afric's purest gold
Envy's malignant grin
        Folly's smile
beating surf
        yielding sand
fancy fir'd
        piety refin'd
Yemen's spicy buds
        Persia's rose
custom's force
        pleasure's dangerous lure
dimpled girls
        rosy boys
grave matron's teach
        Cold casuists applaud
        parsons preach
rural nymphs
        sylvan boys
naiad's couch
        wood-nymph's bowers
Banners bright
        processions long
chrystal ice
        snowy shower
scorching suns
        withering air
silent dews
        gentle showers

avarice smile
        Ambition exult
        Dissipation unloose
frosts destroy
        blasts invade
Labour stood
        Study lent
        Dissipation stop'd
Ovid's gay volume
        Horace's wit
Blackstone sententious
        Solheld verbose
optics distorted
        visages meagre
Harsh thunders roar
        red lightnings gleam
cold snows fly
        hailstones rattle
gay Beau
        tinsel'd Belle
forests nod
        lakes expand
        cat'racts stun
Ambitions's path
        miser's road
tempests howl
        lightnings glare
        earthquakes rock
FAITH retires
        CHARITY expires
Airs of Eden float
        Flow'rs spontaneous deck
your whistling throats
        my sweeter notes
Lovesick turtles
        Little wrens
tartain plaid
        bonnets blue
There hyacinths
        Here lillies
humble pray'r
        ardent praise
Cold nights
        frosty mornings
        keen piercing air
torrid climes
        fervid skies
scarcely felt
        hardly seen
billows roll
        tempests vex

Fierce winds shrill whistle
        billows dash
naked, unadorn'd
        destitute, forlorn
seiz'd the fair prize
        cram'd it
        darted away
Array'd like a goddess,
        and blooming as May,
Sly Cupid,
        fierce Mars,
        and the jolly Silenus
mild peace
        and high health,
statesmen seek salaries!
        physicians make bills
Here Britons triumph'd
        There were overthrown
well-got wealth,
        Honest fame,
        and rosy health
Here squadrons fled
        there columns fell;
Columbia's pride
        and Europe's wonder,
An outlaw with man
        and deserted by heav'n,
Above him, loud volcanoes roar,
        Beneath, huge surges lash
winter's terrors
        summer's torrid fervors
If thunders roar,
        or lightnings flash,
wasting care,
        and noisy strife
danger lurks,
        and terror raves,
wreck the mind,
        vex mankind,

Parallel Phrase Construction, No Word Repetition
Fierce wintry storms
        summer showers
servants tremble
        brave husbands laugh
dazzling hues
        purest white
beyond earth's narrow space
        Within high Heaven's eternal bound
lowest depth
        giddiest height
uprais'd arm
        drooping hand

summers heat
        winter's snow
suns shine
        tempests growl
        Mild zephyrs fan
        whirlwinds howl
meridian light
        ebon night

Parallel Phrase Construction, Multiword Repetition
Middle of Phrases, Similar
lads with long beards and rough
        men, with looks and language gruff
'Tis well that violence
        And well that we
the boys with wrath
        the girls with fright
by superior lore, abased their pride
        by his keen reproof, their levity repress'd

wink of his eye
        twist of his head

FAIRER than the queen of love
        Sweeter than the smiling May
        Calmer than the close of day
join'd in our circles
        mixt in our play
Joy laughs in his breast
        health lives in his eye
the shoulders to swell
        the bosom to shoar
pride of each lass
        wish of each swain
Blithsome as the breathing day
        Smiling as the smiling May
pride of the world
        delight of the stage
There could not be a simpler thing
        He could not be a bird was clear
source of our wealth
        support of our trade
lounge at my pleasure
        bask at my ease

shorn the meads,
        froze the stream
invite me here
        tempts me there

Parallel Phrase Construction, Multiword Repetition
Middle of Phrases, Reversed
Parallel Phrase Construction, Multiword Repetition
Not Middle, Similar
Your minds require no tone-restoring rest
        Your bodies need no change
the fields of air
        the paradise of fools
To try the traveller's miseries
        To cure the nausea
now she seems to warn
        now to chide
Now clings more closely to her father's side
        Now starts away to chase some child
And taste so pure
        and harmony so sweet
of minds so pure
        Of sense so exquisite
the planter from the South
        The merchant from the East
Which knows no love
        which heeds no prayer
Whose love I strive
        whose wrath I fear
the joy of a cockerel
        the bliss of a pig
No lot so low
        no mind so meek
My burning thirst there let me slake
        My parched lips there let me cool
Shall give your soul
        Shall nerve your frame
From rock to rock
        from ledge to ledge
The Graces that around thee
        The Joys that laugh upon thy ruby lip
thy wildest flight
        thy flights
to see the blooming trees
        To hear the fragrant vernal breeze
        To sniff the glories

His eyes - how they twinkled
        his dimples how merry
His cheeks were like roses
        his nose like a cherry

has shed her tears
        Has heav'd her sigh
The forests and copses
        The copses and forests
a flask for molasses
        a bottle for rum
each shepherd is true
        each maiden is kind
Or gossips in a corner
        Or twenty pumpkins in a row
to swear at
        to stare at
Three hogs did I say
        Three sows I say then
that I promis'd you hogs
        That I promis'd three hogs
The son of Alcmena
        the champion of fable
The sweetest & loveliest girl
        The graces & Muses
Each shepherd a lover
        each maiden a friend
Ten thousand times
        ten thousand fall
And as an apex to the whole
        And then to close the rigamarole
The Lion led the latter throng
        The Eagle urg'd the birds along
Where the heroic Linnets fought
        Where the gigantic Ostrich pac'd
what they wish
        if they wish
Still urges
        still urges on
As happy myself
        as I happy can be
        as happy as me
Our carts and our waggons
        our coaches and chairs
        Our cows and our bullocks
        our stallions and mares
        Our jaumbs and our paper
        our stucco and stairs
For what do the ribbons and ostriches feather
        For what do the gauzes and lutestrings
Tho' he
        Tho' first he
Dandies and Belles by turn carest me
        Feds and Tails by fits possest me

the blest tenets of peace
        the total of sublunar bliss
and old Tiber would drown in its wave
        And wide Danube might roll in its bed
the DITTY light and loose
        the steerage snug and sure
to your grave
        to come take your leave
A measure that sometimes by Vinter's is us'd
        a cordial that's sometimes abus'd
it glows in the pipe
        it enlivens the scene
You're young,
        you're very young,
will live 'till
        will sit 'till
Too weak to conquer
        and too proud to yield
her foot on the land
        and her hand on the sea
Her turrets to rear,
        and her walls to extend
He left for thee
        He bought for thee
        He reconcil'd thee
A monster that's said
        A bird that was reckon'd
Liv'd for our Peace;
        for our Pardon -- died
I wrung my hands
        I beat my breast
        I tore my hair,
the relics of sense
        The waste and destruction of genius immense.
the verses were planned
        the letters were scann'd,
I shut up my
        I blush'd for myself
        I laid Blair

Parallel Phrase Construction, Multiword Repetition
Not Middle, Reversed
No blame I feared
        no praise I sought
night to day
        day to night

As keen as the thorn
        as sweet as the rose
When heat sing'd the earth
        when cold froze the air

The friends of the Cross
        The Czar of the north

Complex Parallel Phrase Construction
of pleasure, some,
        some, of health

The violets already
        Already the daffodils
And wish'd to clasp her
        And bear her
keen as the thorn
        sweet as the rosefff
thick and thin
        thin and thick
willing souls
        souls as willing
FROM morn to eve
        from eve to rosy morn
lofty views and grand design
        the grand and the sublime
Must I admire
        I must
can I see
        I can see

trembling stood
        But stood not long
'twas TIME.
        With Time
        And steady Time
        TIME IS NO MORE.
smiled on me
        smile upon you
Could cry when pleas'd,
        when pleas'd could frown:
trembling stood
        But stood not long

Repeating Sounds
bag and baggage
puffing, panting
the earth
        this earth-born frame
even Bacchus
        E'en Jove

unheeded, unseen
seeing pleas'd
        being seen
your ardent suit
        you press'd
Twitt'ring swallows
        cease to twitter
the gentlest
        the gentle sex

loveliest morn of lovely June
being blessed,
        doubly bless
combat and conquer
scourge and scorn
        be seen
biters should be bit
Tun, tierce, or tankard
to tittle tattle


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