Henry Livingston, Jr.
Henry Livingston's Poetry

To the memory of Henry Welles Livingston
who died of a burn on the 6th day of January 1778
aged 1 year & 43 days

A gentle spirit now above
Once animated what lies here
Till heav'n announc'd in tenderest love
"Ascend Immortal to yon sphere."

The lambkin at the great behest
Gave up its life without one groan.
When lo! in robes supernal drest
He found the bright abodes his own!

Most glorious and delightful scenes
Rush'd full upon his raptur'd sense:
Beyond what fancy ever dreams,
Or Eden knew in innocence.

Adieu! Adieu! my sweest boy,
Adieu till life's vain dream be o'er;
Then with a parent's keenest joy,
I'll cling to Thee to part no more.

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Henry Livingston Day Book
New York Historical Society Collection
Jan 6 1778
"James help me kill near noon Mary all day pd to a load of wood he cut himself"
[One year old Henry Welles, second child and oldest son, dies.]

Jan 8 1778
"Mary helped us all day - in all 3 days"

Jan 9 1778
"James Brisben Crd by 1 days work"

Gap of almost two months in Day Book

Mar 2 1778
"I sold my brown horse to Farbus Ostrom for L55. He paid me L27 down & gave me a note for L28."

Mar 20 1778
"Bought a State lottery ticket of Stephen Hendricksen No 24m030."

Mar 28 1778
"Philip Cooper Dr to Cash for making Thomas Welles Coffin 1-17-0
Davis Hunt Dr to cash for making my sons Coffin 0-16-0"

Jul 1 '78 "Judge Jay Mrs Jay servant & pair horses here 9 days"

Jul 31 1778
Henry and Sarah name their new son Henry Welles Livingston.

Historical Background
Henry Welles Livingston was born 25 Nov 1776, 15 months after the birth of Henry and Sarah's first child, Catharine. Baby Henry was named for his father Henry, and for his maternal grandfather, Rev. Noah Welles, who had died the last day of December 1776.

Because Henry and Sarah gave their next child the same name as that of their dead baby, there can be a bit of confusion between the Henry Welles Livingston who died as a baby in 1778, and the second Henry Welles Livingston, who died at the age of 35 in Hartford CT.


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