Henry Livingston, Jr.

Night Before Christmas

Learn your history by multimedia! Think of it as electronic flash cards! See if you can tell who these historical characters and events are. And if you're not sure what you're seeing, follow the hints to find out!

Puzzle Quiz

A quiz with a built-in reward - a lovely full screen picture. But you'll only find out what the picture is by answering the questions that come up in each of the covering boxes. And don't worry about your failing memory. By following the hints, you can always look up the right answers!

Rebus Quiz

When there was no TV to amuse the kids, parents would often come up with games to keep the young ones busy. A rebus was a poem of questions. The first letter of each of the answers would spell out the name of something, frequently one of the young people.

To get you into the spirit of a rebus, you'll find 2 modern rebus quizzes set up to remind you of the childhood game of Hangman.

Once you've got the idea how a rebus works, try a rebus of Henry's. This is the only one of his rebuses for which we have the answers. Dutchess County historian Helen Wilkinson Reynolds published them in her book Doorways of Dutchess County.

The problem for us is the rest of Henry's rebuses! We can't figure them out! But maybe you can help.

We've separated the lines to show first and last names, but it's always possible we've split a name wrong. When we've guessed an answer, we've given it to you. If you think we're wrong, you can change our answers to yours or, when we had no guess, you can put in your own. There might also be places where we combined two questions into a single question by mistake.

If you think you've figured out something we had wrong, we've given you a way to let us know. Now YOU can be a Henry Livingston Researcher, too!


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