Henry Livingston, Jr.
Henry Livingston's Poetry

Weekly Museum
May 9, 1795; Climax

For the Weekly Museum.


THE name of a general famed of old,
Who caused the Romans to quake we are told;
A place which by strategem Joshua took,
As recorded we find in the sacred book;
A monster that's said in the sea to reside,
If Trawlers say true, has no equal beside;
A bird that was reckon'd unclean to the Jew,
But adored by Egypt's idolatrous crew:
A city renowned for splendor and trade,
Situate in an island in Europe 'tis said;
A measure that sometimes by Vinter's is us'd,
To measure a cordial that's sometimes abus'd;
The physician who charmed Orberus so well,
That he stole back his wife from the regions of hell:
The God who, if history and poets tell true,
Was the brother of Pluto and Jupiter too.
The initials of these, as above they appear,
Gives the name of a man to Columbia dear.
May 7. Climax.

(A Solution is requested.)

Weekly Museum
Jul 25, 1795

For the Weekly Museum
Solution to the Rebus,
Which appeared in the Museum of 9th May.

HANNIBAL the great Carthagenian of old;
That caus'd the Romans to tremble (tho' bold)
Ai the city which Joshua took!
You read it in Chapter the eighth of that book.
Mermaid, or syren, as travellers relate;
Are oft' seen at sea - we leave them to fate;
Ibris a bird by th' Eyptians ador'd;
By the Jews 'twas despised, and by them abhor'd.
London's a city, (The island's well known,)
That's famous in Europe for wealth and renown!
Tun, tierce, or tankard, which Vintner's may measure,
Their cyder, or wine, at the purchasers pleasure,
Orpheus, the musician, who charm'd Oberus so well!
That he snatch'd his poor wife from th' torments of hell.
Neptune the God of the ocean we know;
Was Jupiter's brother, and Pluto's also--
Th' initials of these (as above) they will name,
HAMILTON! well known, in Columbian fame!


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