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To my little niece ANNE DUYCKINCK,
aged 9 years.

To his charming black-ey'd niece
Uncle Harry wishest peace!
Wishes roses ever strow'd
O'er her sublunary road!

No rude winds around her howl
O'er her head no tempests scowl;
No red lightnings flash around
No loud thunders rock the ground!

Bright has been her morning sun
Brighter still be that to come!
All a blue serene above,
Within, all innocence & love.

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Anne Duyckinck, the niece for whom Uncle Harry's poem was written, was the daughter of his sister Susan, and Gerardus Duyckinck. Anne's birthday was 26 Dec 1776.

Gilbert Livingston Descendents - Kinkead
There is ever reason to suppose that Susan is buried in the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, but no tombstone for her can be found and it can be assumed that it was one of the many destroyed or carried away (Duyckinck Fam. 1908, pp.181 & 185).

Gerald was, in his early days, proprietor of the "Universal Store" in New York, "whose advertisements and display of wares was the most curious and unique of the period." He then lived on Pearl Street (Lamb, Hist. of N.Y. City, 1877, v.2, p.308). However, he was in Poughkeepsie by 1784, as deeds of Chancellor Livingston in that year speak of him as "formerly of New York but now of Pokeepsie." There is a letter in the Gilbert Livingston Collection in the N.Y. Public Library, dated Aug. 7, 1790, from him to his brother-in-law Gilbert Livingston, concerning his bankruptcy. An obituary notice in the Poughkeepsie Journal of Jan. 19, 1814, states that "he held a commission among the first troops that were embodied [sic] in the City of New York at the commencement of the late war.


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