Henry Livingston, Jr.
Carrier Addresses

The NEW YEAR's Piece of GEORGE and RICHARD, who carry
the Poughkeepsie Advertiser to its Customers.
January 1st, 1788.

A Scene from the Comedy called the "Printers Prentices," as now
acted in Gotham.

ACT 1st. SCENE 3d.

Dick Solus. Sitting up in the Bed rubbing his Eyes.

IN the name of apostrophe's why all this roar of musketry at this time of night? The Federalist and Anti-federalists are at it as sure as fate. ---- But hang it, let them fight on; for Printers and Printers boys, are the cats of society ---- Their profession will not permit them to take a side -- Mr. Power's Motto is my creed.

To him enter George with a Candle in his hand.


Ah! George I am glad to behold thee, for verily I thought that thou hadst been slain in the carnage that rages without: I have long known thy private state opinions, and not finding them by my side when I just now awaked, I fear'd that thou hadst indiscreetly declared thyself and taken a decided part.


Why Dick either a nightmare is upon you or the Devil is in you --- What do you mean by carnage and decided parts? The guns you hear is the roar of joy at the commencement of the New-Year; and all the decision that I am privy to, is, that I am decided in my own mind to be as happy as ever poor faithful apprentice was thro' every second of this day. Rouse, child rouse! The candles have been lighted this hour and more in the Store over the way; from which, the delicious beveridge of the day has meandered to every part of this metropolis already.


xx If that eternal Pendulum, George, your tongue is to vibrate as expeditously thro' the whole of Eighty-Eight as it does at its birth --- --- My precious colleague! whatever other gifts may have been denied you, that of utterance most assuredly has not. Pray what has your Typographicalship been about at this unseasonable hour?


I have been folding and preparing our New-Year's address; and know, to your everlasting disgrace, that I have finished them already; and mean to deduct from the gleanings of this only day of harvest in the Year, a decent per cent. more than my moiety, for my work of superoragation. --- Dick, a thought has struck me! Who knows, but that some future legislature may become acquainted with this my alertness, and make me State Printer?


Aye George, when the day arrives that rewards and desert go hand in hand, I believe you must be elevated -- But before you wax too important to be spoken to, sit down on the bedside and let me hear whether you have printed correctly or no; for I fear your mind has been too intent on your surplus Pay to pay proper attention to your manuscript: You can omit all the preface for that I attended to myself; Begin at "And now our good patrons."


And now our good patrons pray melt into pity
Nor expect at our hands a more dolorous ditty;
For our muse, all exhausted, declares on her honor
We ought not in conscience ask any more from her;
She blows too her fingers, and pleads the cold weather,
And vows her ideas are frozen together.
But still we believe not a syllable true
But that the fly baggage has New-Year in view;
And means with her sisters, those tight pretty lasses,
To romp on the top of the airy parnassus;
Or else with Apollo, the graces, and Venus,
Sly Cupid, fierce Mars, and the jolly Silenus,
To tipple stew'd Quaker at Bacchus's hall,
And there in fandango out caper us all. ---


Spin it out George spin it out for I am sure our generous readers must soon lose their patience and add to their first donation a second to make us hold our tongues.

End of Scene the Third.---To be continued yearly.


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