Henry Livingston, Jr.
Henry Livingston's Poetry

To Arabella, who, in fastening a Needle on her
humble Servant's Sleeve,
slightly wounded him.

BLOOMING as the youthful May,
As the brilliant morning gay,
(Loves and graces playing round
Ever where the nymph is found)
Smiling, she a needle drew,
And my sleeve transfixed thro':
Touch'd my arm -- tho' small the smart,
Yet I feel it at my heart.

Cupid from his polish'd bow,
Never did an arrow throw,
In his most capricious whim,
Half so fatal or so keen.
Wounded whither shall I go,
But to her that gave the blow?

Spare your victim, Charmer spare!
Be not cruel as you're fair.

Weekly Museum
Vol. IV No. II (Feb 1793): 119; by R.


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Illustrated 1823 Night Before Christmas

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