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Old Sloop the Poughkeepsie Journal,
being widened, deepened, and lengthened
into a ship of prime dimensions,
and retaining her first name,
will leave port the 30th day
of September:

The owner, proposes-

TO carry NEWS in bales or casks,
Jugs, hogsheads, porrengers or flasks,
Come how they may - hot, cool or cold,
Stow'd in the all-capacious hold.

Fierce PARTY PIECES, all on fire,
In hen-coops must be packed higher;
Full in the drenching buckets play
Whene'er the flame emits its ray.

Safe underneath the black cabouse
Will lay the DITTY light and loose:
While in the steerage snug and sure
Can rest the moral SCRAP secure.

The ANECDOTE, Hint and Receipt,
shall all a warm attention meet;
Pxx close beyond the patt'ring rain
Low in the rundlet's dark domain.

High on the deck, and full in view,
Will stand the ADVERTISEMENT crew:
Point blank, a never hidden mark;
Like horses on the yankey bark.

If thunders roar, or lightnings flash,
Fierce winds shrill whistle - billows dash:
In ev'ry conflict known to ocean,
Whate'er the elements emotion;
The PILOT will collected stand,
Avoid the rocks, and shun the land.
(Deep sands of malice, rocks of pow'r)
And all the perils of the hour;
Forever keeping in his eye
The compass, IMPARTIALITY.

Each kindly aiding breese he'll own,
And bless each tide that wafts him on,
Till safe within the port in view
The anchor drops a last adieu.

30 Sep 1795


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