Henry Livingston, Jr.
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Historical Arguments
1897 Life of Clement C. Moore, LL,D.
Winthrop S. Pelletreau
Never knew Henry existed
29 Dec 1899 Authorship of The Night Before Christmas
Simon W. Cooper
1st Public Questioning of Authorship
4 Aug 1920 79 MILE to N. YORK
Winthrop P. Tryon
Argument for Henry
19 Dec 1920 Out on Long Island
Simon W. Cooper
Statement of Family Belief
1920 Who Wrote "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Henry Litchfield West
27 Dec 1923 The Scranton Republican
Neutral, tilting Moore
1924 "Famous Single Poems"
Burton E. Stevenson
Argument against Henry; annotated
24 Dec 1927 "Whose Santa Claus"
James Thurber
24 Dec 1929 Two Sections of Manhattan Claim Christmas Shrine
Argument for Moore
23 Dec 1933 In New York"
Paul Harrison
24 Dec 1933 Merry Xmas To All And To All a Good Night"
James H. Street
24 Dec 1936 Who Wrote "The Night Before Christmas"
James Livingston Denig
Argument for Henry
1942 Editorial Notes on the Writing of Henry Livingston, Jr."
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds
Tilts toward Henry
15 Dec 1948 The Daily Republican
Clark Kinnaird
6 Dec 1949 Indiana Gazette Cartoon
What you should know about Christmas
Widely published cartoon saying might be Livingston rather than Moore
1956 The Claims for Henry Livingston, Jr.
Samuel W. Patterson
Argument against Henry; author of Moore biography
1958 Blithe Dutchess
Henry N. MacCracken
Argument for Henry
22 Dec 1963 Many Credit a Poughkeepsian
Helen Meyers
Argument for Henry
23 Dec 1966 Kokomo Morning Times
Russell Kirk
Argument against Henry
23 Dec 1968 The Kansas City Time
James Aldredge
Argument for Henry
1973 Illustrated Book of Christmas Folklore
Tristram Potter Coffin
Argument for Henry
5 Dec 1975 The Americans Who Gave Us Santa Claus
Argument for Moore AND Henry
24 Dec 1975 "Will the Real Xmas Poet Please Stand Up"
Richard Pritchett
Argument for Henry
24 Dec 1976 Doubt is cast about author of noted Christmas poem
Jack Cavanaugh
Argument for Henry
10 Nov 1977 Who Does "The Night Before Christmas" Belong To?
W. Stephen Thomas
Argument for Henry
1982 Clement Moore Revisited
Peter Christoph
Dunder/Blixem rhyme analysis
2000 Author Unknown
Don Foster
Analysis of authorship of Livingston, Moore, and author of Christmas poem; Argument for Henry
26 Dec 2000 Writing sleuth investigates 'fingerprints' of authors
Michael Hill
2000 There Arose Such a Clatter Who Really Wrote "The Night before Christmas"? (And Why Does It Matter?)
Stephen Nissenbaum
Argument against Henry
2000 The Authorship of The Night Before Christmas
Seth Kaller Inc. website
Argument against Henry
Is this from the Nichell "Manuscript" article?
6 Dec 2003 Collection of Christmas books displayed
Judy Lin
Tilts Moore
27 Nov 2005 Museum puts a new spin on Santa
Randall Chase
2005 Christmas Poem Sale Stirs Plagiarism Feud
ABC News
Identifies Nichell as hired by Seth Kaller to write article
2005 All About "A Visit from St. Nicholas"
Paul J Schacht
Presenting both sides with great numbers of errors


Who Wrote "The Night Before Christmas"? Part One
Who Wrote "The Night Before Christmas"? Part Two
Argument for Henry;
gives details about Kaller mss sale
bef. 1904 Old Livingston Mansion
Poughkeepsie paper
Henry Sr. house and family
Jun 1911 Livingston Cemetery
Poughkeepsie paper
list of who is buried there
1919 Henry Livingston (Jr.)
Dr. William S. Thomas
1921 Sketches of a Few Gentlemen
of Ye Old Colonial Days

Cornelia Griswold Goodrich
Description of Henry's house
1938 Dutchess Co Men of the Revolutionary Period
Henry Livingston (Sr.)

J. Wilson Poucher
mostly pre-revolution politics
no date First Families
New York American
Livingston history; Clarence Pell wedding
. Silverware
Henry Jr. .
. Weathervane
Silver Service
Henry Sr. .
. Punchbowl
Livingston family .
. Adriance Library
Poughkeepsie NY
Henry's 1819 Carrier Address; letters between Henry's father and granduncle,
Henry Beekman; extensive collection of microfilm of early Poughkeepsie newspapers
. American Antiquarian Society
Worcester MA
Early New York State newspapers and magazines, in volumes and microfilm
. Carnegie-Mellon University Library
Pittsburgh PA
Anne Haight Lyons collection of Night Before Christmas material
WONDERFUL Librarians
. Dutchess County Historical Society
Poughkeepsie NY
Massive information on Henry and Poughkeepsie
. Illinois State Archives
Springfield IL
Letters by Henry to his first wife, and to his grandson, Illinois Supreme Court
Chief Justice Sidney Breese
. Locust Grove
Poughkeepsie NY
Property originally belonging to Henry Livingston, Jr., later purchased by S.F.B. Morse,
the husband of Henry's granddaughter and the half-nephew of Henry's son-in-law
. Museum of the City of New York
Extensive Moore collection, including poetry
. New York Historical Society
Henry Livingston's Day Book; William S. Thomas Collection (limited utility); extensive Moore collection
. New York Public Library
Gilbert Livingston Collection - surveys, and letters by Henry and his brother Gilbert
. New York State Archives
Albany NY
Surveys and letters by Henry, including his work as agent for James Jacob Astor
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fleetwood back


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