Henry Livingston, Jr.


Colonel Henry Beekman

Tax Assessments
Beekman Family Papers

Colonel Henry Beekman [brother of Cornelia Beekman]
(4 Jan 1687)
(3 Jan 1775, Dutchess Co NY)
+ Janet Livingston 1721
(Bef. 24 Nov 1703-1724)

Margaret Beekman1

+ Gertrude Van Cortlandt 1726
(1687-23 Mar 1777)

Colonel Henry Beekman inherited the large Beekman estate from his father, Hendrick Beekman. Colonel Beekman married two different relatives of Robert Livingston and Alida Schuyler. His first wife, Janet Livingston, was the daughter of Robert's nephew, also, of course, named Robert. Janet and Henry had a daughter, Margaret, and then Janet died at the too early age of 21.

Two years later Henry Beekman remarried, this time to Gertrude Van Cortlandt, the niece of the Manor Robert's wife, Alida Schuyler. Henry and Gertrude never had children.

To help with the running of his estate, and his political work as, essentially, ward boss for Dutchess County, Beekman turned to his sister Cornelia's son, Henry Livingston, Sr., our Henry's father. A great many letters from Beekman to Livingston have been preserved and published in the Dutchess County Historical Society Yearbook.

When Beekman finally retired from New York government, he gave the nod for the two seats he controlled to Henry Sr. and to his son-in-law, Robert R. Livingston, who built the Clermont estate, but who is best known as the father of Chancellor Livingston.

When Henry Jr. was a young man, letters from his brother Gilbert show that he spent the occasional winter at Beekman's mansion in New York City. Henry's first cousin and Beekman's granddaughter, Janet Livingston, is also known to have spent extensive time there. Janet became the wife of General Montgomery, under whose command Henry Jr. and several of Janet's brothers traveled up the Hudson to invade Canada. General Montgomery died in that expedition.


Tax Assessment List for the County of Ulster, 1716/7
Col. Hendrick Beekman (1651-1716) - Henry's great grandfather

Tax Assessment List for the County of Ulster, 1716/7
Hendrick Beekman (1687-1775) - Henry's granduncle

Beekman Family Papers
1721-1903. 203 items of legal and business papers of Henry and Gertrude Beekman, 18th-century landowners and entrepreneurs, and the descendants of Gerard G. and Cornelia Beekman, 19th-century owners of Philipsburg Manor.

For permission to view these documents, please contact the Historic Hudson Valley Library at (914) 631-8609
Rockefeller University, Historic Hudson Valley Manuscript Collection


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