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Sarah Breese and BB Lansing

Barent Bleecker and Sarah
American Biographical Notes
Pioneers of Utica

Barent Bleecker Lansing
(17 Jan 1793, Argyle, Washington Co NY)
(3 Dec 1853, Brooklyn NY)
(son of Colonel Gerrit G. Lansing and Mary Antill)
+ Sarah Breese(1815)
(6 Dec 1795, Saybrook CT)
(16 Jun 1879, Whitestown NY)
(daughter of Arthur Breese and Catharine Livingston)

    Captain Arthur Breese Lansing[married Janet Suffern]
    Brigadier General Henry Livingston Lansing[married Catharine Olivia Gibson]
    Manette Antill Lansing[married Charles Walker Morse]
    Brigadier General Henry Seymour Lansing[married Jane Amelia White]
    Barent Bleecker Lansing, Jr.[married Sophie E. Williams]

+ James Platt(Jan 1855)
(2 Jan 1788, Poughkeepsie NY)
(8 May 1870, Oswego NY)
(son of Zephaniah Platt and Mary Van Wyck)
(1st wife Eliza Floyd; 2nd wife Susan K. Woolsey)

Barent Bleecker Lansing and Sarah Breese
Sarah Breese was only 13 when her mother, Catharine Livingston died, and only 14 when her father was married for the second time to a stepmother 12 years Sarah's senior. Ann Carpender was Arthur's half first cousin and, unlike Catharine, wealthy in her own right. Arthur Breese had been well enough to do, educated at Princeton and a lawyer and politician before he went into government work, but it was his second wife's fortune that allowed the couple to enjoy their very social lifestyle. At the time of Arthur's death, Arthur asked Catharine's children to understand that he couldn't leave them any of his fortune, because most of it had come from his second wife, herself an excellent financial manager who greatly increased that fortune after Arthur's death.

At the age of twenty, Sarah married Barent Bleecker Lansing, the son of Revolutionary War Colonel and industrialist, Colonel Gerrit G. Lansing, and the nephew of Chancellor John Lansing. Like the Breese family the Lansings were socially prominent, and the two families were entwined by many ties of business and politics. Arthur Breese had been deputy clerk of Herkimer County under his wife's uncle, Jonas Platt, and Barent Bleecker Lansing was the partner of Jonas Platt's brother James for many years.

Barent Bleecker's interest seemed more in banking than business, and, for a couple of years, he was bookkeeper for the U. S. Branch Bank of Utica. The opportunity to step into the position of Cashier took the family to New Jersey, and Barent Bleecker to the Bank of Belleville. Another couple of years and an offer to become Cashier for the Oneida Bank of Utica allowed Sarah's husband was able to return his family to Utica. He held that position until he died in 1853, at the age of sixty. Two of their children - Henry Livingston Lansing and Henry Seymour Lansing - continued in the financial world. Henry Livingston Lansing was a banker and treasurer of the Erie Railroad. Henry Seymour Lansing was an accountant in Paris and Auditor of the 1876 Philadelphia World's Fair.

Another tie between the Lansing and Breese families was military service, though the Lansing family tradition was the Army over the Breese connections with the Navy. Three of Sarah and Barent Bleecker's sons joined the U.S. Army. The eldest, Arthur Breese Lansing, attended West Point, serving as a Captain in the Quartermaster Corps during the Mexican War. The next two boys, Henry Livingston and Henry Seymour, were instrumental in the creation of the Military Association of New York, and both rose to the rank of Brig. General during the Civil War.

Two years after Barent Bleecker's death, Sarah married James Platt, her husband's old partner. James had been married twice before, and had a family with his first wife that was raised by his second wife, Susan K. Woolsey, the daughter of Henry Livingston's sister Alida and her husband, General Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey, and Sarah's first cousin. Entwining the Livingstons and Woolseys closer, James Platt's son William married his stepmother's niece, Catharine Woolsey, the daughter of Susan's brother, Henry Livingston Woolsey.

Sarah Breese to Henry Livingston19 Feb 1814
Barent Bleecker Lansing to Henry Livingston5 Oct 1826

American Biographical Notes
LANSING, BARENT BLEECKER, son of Col. Gerrit G. Lansing of the army of the revolution; b. in Argyle, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1793; merchant in Utica, 1813 to 1830; in 1831-2 bookkeeper of U. S. Branch Bank of Utica; in 1835 cashier of Bank of Belleville, N. J.; in 1837 cashier of Oneida Bank of Utica; d. Dec. 3, 1853

Pioneers of Utica
Barent Bleecker, second son of Colonel Garret G. Lansing, was born Jan 17, 1793, and had been a clerk for William G. Tracy, at Whitesboro, before joining Mr. Platt in business in Utica.

After their separation, he was a short time in trade in Rome, but returned to Utica about 1822, and opened a store just below the Ontario Branch Bank. In this he was unsuccessful, and after a short service as bookkeeper of the United States Branch Bank, he became cashier, about 1835, of the Bank of Belleville, N.J. Thence he was called in December 1836, to the cashiership of the Oneida Bank, and filled the place until his death.

Ontario County
Barent Bleecker, second son of Colonel Garret G. Lansing, was born Jan 17, 1793, and had been a clerk for William G. Tracy, at Whitesboro, before joining Mr. Platt in business in Utica.

The father of the subject of our sketch, Barent B. Lansing, was a native of Herkimer connty, N. Y., and was the son of Colonel Gerrit G. Lansing, an officer in the War of the Revolution, and who served gallantly in the "forlorn hope" at the battle of Yorktown, Va.,attached to Colonel Alexander Hamilton's command. Colonel Lansing married a daughter of Edward Antill, who was a granddaughter of Lewis Morris, esq., the first governor of New Jersey, at the city of Albany, N. Y., in the year 1786. Edward Anti11 was also an officer in the War of the Revolution, being the lieutenant colonel of a regiment, the origin and condition of which was different from any *other in the service, it being unattached to the quota of any State, was raised and recruited in Canada, and made up entirely of Canadians, and was known and called "Congress's Own."

Colonel Lansing had by his wife, Mary Antill, three sons, Richard R., Barent B., and Edward Antill.

The second son, Barent Bleecker, was born at Oriskany, N. Y., in the year 1793, and in the year 1815 married Sarah, daughter of Arthur Breese, esq. At an early age he was clerk for William G. Tracy, esq., at Whitesboro, and after that engaged in business with James Platt, esq., of Utica, N. Y. This partnership lasted only a short time and subsequently Mr. Lansing accepted an offer and became cashier of the Bank of Belleville, N. J., and from there he was called to the cashiership of the Oneida Bank, Utica, which place he held until his death in 1853. Mr. Lansing died at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Charles W. Morse, the wife of the eldest son of Prof. S. F. B. Morse, at Brooklyn. His remains were taken to Utica for interment and were buried from the Presbyterian Church. The stores were generally closed on the day of his funeral as a voluntary tribute of respect for one who had many friends and no enemies. Mr. Lansing had a loving and affectionate nature and was distinguished for honesty and truthfulness. He was the father of five children: Arthur B., Henry Livingston, Henry Seymour, Manette Antill, and Barent B.

Sarah Breese
Sarah Breese


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