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October 5th 1826

Dear Sir

Enclosed are Six dollars the amount of the Dividends due you on your Oneida Factory Stock, they had no 4/4 Cotton Goods or I should have sent them. They intend hereafter to make all their dividends in cash.

With regard to the lot of yours on the hill I will attend to the Taxes this fall. You had better perhaps have search made at the comptrolling office and ascertain whether it has been returning for taxing.

We are in the enjoyment of full health - Sarah joins me in much love & affection to you all.

in haste I am with much
Respect & Sincere Esteem
Your obt. Srvnt
B. B Lansing

Barent Bleecker Lansing married Sarah Breese, the daughter of Arthur Breese and Henry Livingston's oldest daughter, Catharine Breese. He was a law partner of James Platt, the brother of Judge Jonas Platt, who was married to Major Henry Livingston's daughter, Helena (Jonas and Helen of the marriage poem). He was later involved in business in Utica, but was not successful.

Barent Bleecker Lansing became a bookkeeper for the United States Branch Bank, then became cashier, about 1835, of the Bank of Belleville, N.J. In December 1836, he became cashier of the Oneida Bank, staying there until he died in 1853. The Oneida Factory stock may have referred to the Oneida Glass Factory.

Stimulated by the offer of cooperation and assistance from Mr. Lawrence Schoolcraft, superintendent of a glass factory near Albany, a company was formed at Utica to establish glass works in this vicinity. It was incorporated on the 17th of February, 1809, with a capital of $100,000 and was known as the Oneida Glass Factory Company. Books were opened and the stock soon taken up. The following were the subscribers and the amounts respectively subscribed to this first manufacturing enterprise that was unitedly entered upon by the citizens of the country, viz:

Watts Sherman 5,000
Erastus Clark 500
Lawrence Schoolcraft 2,000

Barent Bleecker Lansing's son, Henry Livingston Lansing, married the granddaughter of Watts Sherman, Catharine Gibson. When Barent Bleecker Lansing died in 1853, his wife married James Platt.


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