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Clement Clark Moore
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Clement C. Moore Poetry Manuscript

For Catharine's Album

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Written for my daughter Catharine,
to copy into an album containing
engravings representing sacred subjects
and adorned by flowers, presented
by her to Miss Catharine Sergeant.
   Feb. 1843

Dear Kate, these bright but short-lived flowers,
That deck the truths of Holy Writ,
Remind me of those transient hours
That seem'd with countless speed to flit;

Those hours we pass'd in converse sweet,
Or rambling thro' the woodlands wild,
Or climbing, with unwearied feet,
O'er rocks romantic rudely piled,

Or mounting light the lofty hills,
To view the lovely prospect round,
While falling streams or sparkling rills
Sent forth their soft melodious sound.

These joys, for me, no longer shine, -
Yet, ere we bid farewell and part,
A flow'ry wreath I would entwine
Expressive of my inmost heart.

I would select, as like to thee,
And where thy charms peculiar meet,
The blossoms of the fragrant pea,
So pure, so delicate, so sweet.

Abundant Heart's ease should be there,
In token of thy future lot,
And, to express my heartfelt prayer,
Full many a fresh - Forget-me-not.

Museum of the City of New York
Poetry Manuscript Book of Clement C. Moore
Accession Number: 54.331.1 (7662)


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