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Clement C. Moore Poetry Manuscript

Eliza in England

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To Eliza, in England, from her grandfather
in N. York.   May 19, 1849.

Old Chelsea once again looks gay
With all the op'ning bloom of May.
The leaves break forth, imprison'd long;
And birds awake their morning song.
Fresh flowers the chestnut branches crowd,
And hold their heads all straight and proud.
The purple lilacs and the white
Unveil their beauties to the light;
And humbler flowers of various hue
New deck the green and sip the dew.
The greenhouse plants begin to scold,
And cry to John - "Why 'tis not cold;
"This heat is more than we can bear;
"We want to breathe the open air.
"If you would have us fresh and stout,
"Come quickly, John, and let us out."
The bluebird spreads his glossy wing
To greet the coming of the Spring.
The catbird's and the robin's notes
Come merry from their little throats.
The yellow birds, in joyful play,
Each other chase from spray to spray.
The saucy wrens, too, twist and twirl,
And mind me of my little girl.
But, though abroad all shines so bright,
The scene within is different quite.
Aunt Terry, to drive out is crazy,
And uncle Clem is Lawrence Lazy.
The house is all too dull and quiet;
I long to hear you romp and riot.
Whene'er you're full of harmless fun,
I dearly love to see you run.
The pattering of your little feet
Is music to my ear more sweet
Than song of birds among the trees,
Or distant strains that swell the breeze.
And Heav'n, I trust, my prayer will hear,
And give me back my Eliza dear,
That I may press her to my heart
Before we shall for ever part.

Museum of the City of New York
Poetry Manuscript Book of Clement C. Moore
Accession Number: 54.331.1 (7662)


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