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Happily, reason and scripture countenances the supposition that every virtuous connection formed in the day of sublunary trial will be improved into beatific intimacy and union, where those trials will be rewarded. Pleasing also the idea of by no means irrational, or anscriptual, that the emancipated saint (now an active Angel) is appointed the tender, watchful, Guardian of its most beloved remaining friend– Hovers around him with unremitting attention; and, as the Great Eternal ordains, dispenses the blessing, or words of the woe.

Upon the whole my dear Sir, altho I approve of your grief, and virtue herself applauds your tears, yet grieve not immoderately– There is such a thing as bending beneath the stroke, & mourning at a dispensation- and not mourning at the Dispencer. In this path I wish to find my friend.

The Universe, and every Individual and atom that crowd it, is in the hands of a Being, as benign as he is wise & powerful. Benevolence is wrote on every decree– And Very good on every work. – Beholding chearful light, and using suns, and delightful scenes all around us– Jehovah wills it – It is good. – If we find anxiety, pain, and even death itself – For wisest purposes the Almight has determin'd them all– It is also good.

A few more revolving months or years, and the curtain will drop between us and the busy world, as it has dropped between the busy world, and those we loved best, and we like them, give place to a new succession of performers. – Unfettered of our clay, with what ardency, will soul, meet kindred soul! And Spirit, mix with congenial Spirit! – Rapturous the meeting – rapturous that Eternity, where the business is praise! & Love! Love! the unremitting theme. –

Your goodness will pardon this letter & the length. – The errors of friendship are ever remitted by the Friendly.
H. Livingston Jr.

Oct. 12th 1784 Mr. John R. Livingston at Boston

This note is after the death of John's first wife, Margaret Sheafer.

John R. Livingston (13 Feb 1755 - 25 Sep 1851) was the son of Robert R. Livingston and Margaret Beekman. John was with Henry in Montgomery's expedition to Canada.


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