Henry Livingston, Jr.
James Clinton

Transcription - Adriance Library

Poghkeepsie August 19th 1775
Dr. Sir

I have the pleasure to inform you that yesterday afternoon my wife was a Joyfull mother of a fine daughter- -a circumstance in providence I highly rejoice at- -You know the feelings of a father Sir on these occasions However I expect to be ready almost or quite as soon as the men here- - As no man enters with more zeal into the service of his country than myself- Captain Dubois is now by me & tells me His men are in high spirits & want to be in motion & only want camp kettles & blankets to march immediately- Captain Billings writes to you himself- I must with sorrow tell you the Committees of this county had had but very little success(?) in purchasing arms Only the Committee of Poghkeepsie have done well. That precinct alone have furnished between 30 & 40 flintlocks that with little of the gunsmiths aid may do very well- I waited the result of the County Committees proceedings before I proceed (to) take any other method, & wait now for further orders in this particular - The county committees however I am informed this moment are resolved to impress(?) arms from these gentlemen that state the liberties of America- perhaps a line from you directing in this affair may be very necessary

If by your influence Sir you can any way get Doctor Cooke with us twould give universal satisfaction- I know the man, & our family & neighborhood have long experienced the effects of his skill - & for my part it would considerably alleviate the evils of a campaign to have a surgeon at hand whose abilities was well apris'd of & could confide in, My Brother Doctr. Livingston was with me yesterday & desires his love to you.

I am sir your humble servant

Henry Livingston Jun.

Colonel James Clinton was the brother of Governor George Clinton, and the father of Governor xx Clinton.


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