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[at Painesville, Ohio]

Poughkeepsie, May 25th, 1827

Dear daughter & Son!

I rejoice with you both on the birth of your fine daughter. Kind Heaven preserve and bless the junior Eliza, many many years & her parents to a far extended old age to witness her virtues and happiness. Your Mamma says, -- The four girls say, -- The 2 boys say; & I say, Joy, Joy to you both, & much Joy to the newly-arrived Grandmamma.

The word has gone forth here that exactly one year hence you must all come here & shew the little Lady.

I hardly know whether to congratulate or condole with you on the salubrity of your Painesville atmosphere: Better a lankish purse than an immaciatee body. If health be really an evil, it is an evil that I must wish may not speedily removed. You have made your election my children, & healthy or not, stick to your Location.

You omit mentioning Mr. Wheeler's name. How does he do? When you meet him, tell him that he is kindly remembered by us.

Old Pennsylvania 10 days ago dropped another horse colt of the same parentage as the yearling & he bids fair to equal his elder brother in beauty. This yearling is a brown. Two white hind stockings & a hansome star & is really one of the finest colts I ever saw, -- Quite large enough & moves as if he danced on air. Better Judges than myself pronounce him superior. Some go so far as to say he is too promising to be mutilated: Sidney, whose property he is must decide on this point. As Pennsylvania is fit for nothing but nursing she will be kept to that business solely.

You mentioned the comming of Peter. His year with me will not expire before the first of July ensuing. He has become much attached to various females & perhaps of various colors in the vicinity & is abroad almost every evening, -- sometimes all night. Be sure he is the same industrious, honest creature he ever was. I am told that he has declared his intention of not Journeying your way, or perhaps anywhere. In fact, I so little understand him when he brandishes his stammering half english & half french that I converse with him very seldom.

On the last day of this month, the long talked of suit between John Jacob Astor & one of the holders of a farm in lot No. 9 in Putnam county, commences before Justice Smith Thompson United States District Judge) in New york & I am to be there as a witness. This trial will give a tone to what measures our legislature will eventually pursue in this pretty important affair.

Edwin is well, besure, but altogether unimployed. What shall be

We all love you & yours, & none more than

Eliza was at Mr. T. Brewer's yesterday. All were very well. Health is at the lower mansion.


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