Henry Livingston, Jr.
Henry Livingston's Letters

Transcription - New York Historical Society

New York August 2d 1775

Dear Brother,

This minute the struggle for a majority in Coll. Clintons Regiment is concluded. It's fomer Major stept into the Lieut Coll birth. I have been unhappy enough to have a struggle for you against good friends, vis RGL Junr. H.B. Livingston. I knew nothing of their application before I mentioned you, but finding some oppose me, not from the best of principles I resolved to push my interest, When the notes were read off, the whole congress was unanimous in your favour (except Albany) I send this by Harre Mott whogoes by a Fishkill sloop. I have pledged my Honour that you will accept the commission. You will perhaps be ordered to Crown Point immediately, & from the present appearance of things you will not have a sleepy campaign. You will perhaps have a peek at Canada, in a few weeks. This is only conjecture. You will want a sword & regimentals. Your cloths, Brown, Lappeld & Cuffd with Green. If you send to me I will try to get them for you. I shall write Catey Dadde &x by the sloops - There is just a report that there has been a bloody Battle on Bunker Hill. Washington xxxxxxx

All Well Love to Salle Wish her gods blessing & assistance. With a Double stone of fortitude & resignation - Remember Your Country Calls -

Your Affectionate Brother

G Livingston

On further Advice I will get the Cloth & Trimmings for Your Coat, as the Cloth is very xx Making No Doubt of your Wanting it, as My Brother You Will accept, & Not be a Whit behind any officers in the appointment.


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