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Poughkeepsie March 20. 1770

Dear Brother

I have nothing new to write, but Just Let you know we are all in health, God be praised, therefore.

We Expect to have the pleasure of Your Company Soon, the River is now open and almost Clear and I expect this will go with Smith. We have heard there has been a Dreadfull fire in town some where in your quarter but can't hear particulars, but by this weeks paper I [xx] a letter for [xx] as you'll see, but perhaps it won't get there time enough before he comes away, if there are any letters in town of a late date from him that he expects to get out this spring. Early it wont be months while to find it, but you'll Judge [xx] give it to M. Lott or any of the Gent.m that send to Holland to go with the first Merchant man.

Give my Hearty [favors] to your Hosts & all friend & Keep it to your self; I am [dr & horse]

Affect Brother

Gilbert Livingston

Dadde has let out the Farm to Baltus & Peter upon shares.

Gilbert Livingston (1742-1806) was a member of the Provincial Congress in 1775-77, and of the Assembly, 1777, 1778, and 1788. He served as a delegate to the New York Convention.

Gilbert Livingston's daughter, Sarah Livingston, was the first wife of Judge Smith Thompson, whose second wife was Major Henry Livingston's daughter, Elizabeth Davenport Livingston. Judge Sm

Livingston Genealogy Reuben Hyde Walworth, p. 46
Gilbert Livingston was a distinguished lawyer of Dutchess County. He was a member of the state convention of New York that in 1788, ratified the constitution of the United States. He, with his colleague Melancthon Smith, and some others of the republican members of the convention voted in favor of adoption, (in opposition to most of their political friends) after it had been ratified by a sufficient number of States to put it in Operation in relation to those States. He was one of the Masters of the Court of Chancery; and was one of the Presidential electors, in 1800, who cited for Thomas Jefferson. Catherine Crannell was the daughter of Bartholomew Crannell, a lawyer of Poughkeepsie.

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