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Kaskaskia June 23 1820

Dear Pa,

Sid 5 minutes ago received your last letter to him, he would have answered it himself- but he is just starting on the circuit to attend the courts in the Northern countries- during his absence I officiated in his place - (by the way) your direction to him was wrong- he is Postmaster not Dep. Postmaster- I received your very short letter & am surprised that old Brewster should be so very troublesome all at once- At present it is altogether out of my power to send any money to you, that is current there, but by the time the annual rent is due you shall be furnished with funds-

When I saw the paper containing the names of those young gentlemen that where admitted as attornies at the May Term, I was surprised at not finding Edwin's name among them, why was he not examined? I was fearful he did not feel himself prepared xx

I have no news to communicate xx The country is generally healthy xx the weather is very fine, rather hot but pleasant-- Betts has been to New York left his w--e there, and returned xx denies all charges against him. Our Partnership business is all settled xx Money is hard to get but hope is alive xx I am glad you are all so well pleased with my portrait, it is generally considered here a good likeness xx The places that are injured I suppose can be repaired with a little paint can they not?

H.A.L. is down with the gout- is he like to get over it? I wrote sometime since to Capt. Paterson, he never answers my letters. Pete Schenck wont write any more - be good to lecture each of them. Remember me very affectionately to my mother and the girls.

Ever Yours

Chas. P. Livingston.

Henry Livingston, Esq.,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.


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