Mary Montgomery's Story
A Mouse in Henry Livingston's House

As Henry's descendants compared their stories, they gave their own explanation of how the poem went from Henry's house to that of Clement Moore. Daughter Catharine's descendant Mary explained to daughter Jane's grandson, William Sturges Thomas, the story she knew of the governess.
Henry + Sarah
    Catharine (b:1775) + Arthur Breese
        Catharine Walker Breese (b:1798) + Captain Samuel Griswold
            Cornelia Platt Griswold (b:1821) + William McLean Goodrich
            [sister of S.F.B. Morse's wife Sarah]
                Mary Willis Goodrich (b:1850) + Edward L. Montgomery
Henry + Jane
    Jane (b:1800) + Reverend William Barber Thomas
        Henry Livingston Thomas (b:1835)
            William Sturges Thomas (b:1871)

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Ch6: Dunder,   Ch7: War,   Ch8: Unexpected,   Ch9: Economy,   Ch10: Dutch,  
Ch11: Politics,   Ch12: Religion,   Ch13: Work,   Ch14: Myths,   Ch15: Happy Xmas,   Epilog


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