A Mouse in Henry Livingston's House

In searching the Internet for information, I found almost none. But what I did find excited me - a first day cover of a Christmas stamp that actually said that scholars thought Henry the author.

Investigating Clement Moore told me that the poem was unlike Moore's other writing, but nothing about what those other poems were like. His book hadn't been republished, and his poems weren't on the web. Blame University of Chicago and their emphasis on original sources, but I was not going to get anywhere further on the question of the Christmas poem's authorship until I could read Moore's other work.

Six weeks of searching later, sitting in front of a microfilm of Moore's 1844 book in the Brown University Library, I suddenly understood the problems I'd been having finding Moore's poems. They wasn't available because the man was a really lousy poet.

Maybe there was something to the legend of Henry Livingston, after all. I had to find out. And the place to find out was Poughkeepsie.

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