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The Bellevue Stratford
March 25, 1917

Dear Cousin:-

It is a curious coincidence that Grandfather Livingston & his son Edwin employ in their respective poems the words "visions" "hoof" & "lustre." An unusual grouping of perfectly ordinary words, however. Back in Edwin's brain sang the words "While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads," & so he wrote "The visions of gaiety, cheering the morn". Read the letter of Edwin several times & I am sure you will be convinced that he was familiar with "The Visit of St. Nicholas" in 1821!

I'll be glad to hear what you think about it.

Love & all affectionately your cousin
Jeannie L.H. Denig

I saw Helen Blackwell in Boston this winter and she told me you were going to search the records in Worcester.

Uncle Edwin Livingston wrote rhymes. I have a letter before me now written by him to my grandfather when he was in Kaskaskia - in 1821. A Year before Pelletreau claims that Clement C. Moore wrote the poem. This letter is in the same xx as the Night before Xmas.

"Jane, Helen & Pa tomorrow set sail
And anxiously wait the glad summons to hail
That calls all a board, & off for New York!
The tight Sally-Frances plies shrewdly to work,
A fortnight at least they'll stay in the city,
Or anxious to see strange things new & pretty"
"Your Uncle Steph's family's hearty & fat
And he, although feeble, is full of his chat"
"The House at the River is about status-quo,
All very well, the old Lady "So So."

I'll decipher this jingle & have it type-written for you. It is torn & difficult to read.

I hope Cousin Emmy & the dear Kiddies are well-

I will surely see you when I again go to New York- I remember with pleasure our coming visit you & the good dinner - such a famous chicken! One gets so weary if it xx fare.

Again with love-
Jeannie L.H. Denig

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