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Charles Paterson Livingston went to Kaskaskia Illinois about 1819 to practice medicine. He returned to Poughkeepsie & was married in 1826 to Eliza Clement Brewer. They went to Painesville Ohio, & lived there until the death of Dr. Livingston during the "forties." (I can get all dates upon my return to Sandusky.) In 1830 Charles P. Livingston was commissioned a surgeon in the First Squadron Cavalry in the Militia of Ohio.

He [Charles] believed & often stated that his father, Henry Livingston, wrote "The Night Before Christmas"-

William S. Pelletreu in his article written in 1897 to prove that Clement C. Moore was the author of "The Night before Christmas" states it was written in 1822. Eliza Brewer at this time was twenty-two years of age, yet she always maintained she had heard the poem read by Henry Livingston himself, which she was yet a child, & she had been familiar with the verses before 1822. She was married in 1826 and went with her husband Charles Paterson Livingston to Painesville, Ohio.

My mother, Jean Paterson Livingston, then xx) said all during her early childhood she often listened to "The Night Before Xmas" recited to her by both her parents, who invariably told her that her grandfather Livingston had written the verses.

It was a surprise to them when they first saw the verses published under the name of Clement C. Moore. My grandmother said the mistake should be corrected, as Henry Livingston was the author of the verses.

Many descendants of Henry Livingston are able to write verses. Are any descendants of Clement C. Moore able to write verses. Among the children of Henry Livingston who could "rhyme" were Charles Paterson Livingston, Edwin Livingston, Susan Livingston. Among his grandchildren who were able to write verses were Jane Paterson Livingston, Jeannie Thomas King, Gertrude Thomas! Among his great grandchildren able to write verses are Helen Thomas Blackwell, Charles Livingston Hubbard, Jeannie Livingston Hubbard Denig.

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