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A decision was arrived at, regarding the building of a battery to contest with the English fort near at hand. The General ordered Col. Clinton and two hundred of his men to go upon this business. Colonel Clinton pitched upon myself to go with him, Captains Nicholson, Billings, Dubois and Denton, were pitched upon to go with us. At three o'clock in the afternoon we set off in seven Batteaux." Then follows an account of quite a brisk skirmish.

Later, the expedition proceeded into Canada. I have written this much to show that our Grandfather was in active service and I understand that his rank was that of Major.

Cousin John thinks that George will have no difficulty in stepping into the ranks as a "Son of the Revolution" under cover of the services of this great great Grandfather of his.

As for "The Night Before Christmas" it does seem as if our colors are down in the dust - for when a man claims any literary production so emphatically it seems almost inhuman to doubt his word. Still I must say that after all I am not thoroughly convinced. Oh if that old Poughkeepsie paper could be found! but I don't suppose there is the shadow of a chance for that. But of one thing we are certain it was published in the Poughkeepsie paper - and we know that Uncle Charles, Mother's oldest brother had that paper in his possession up to the time of his death - and cousin Jeannie Hubbard (his daughter) had it long afterward. She feels dreadfully about its loss - but it has utterly disappeared. I know I have told you before how Uncle Charles used to take pleasure in reading this poem to his friends, and telling them that it was composed by his father - he also remembered the very time when his father wrote it - and brought it out of his sanctum to read to the family - Uncle Charles being the only one of the children old enough to appreciate it in the least - or remember anything about it. Hard lines Nellie hard lines!

In about eleven days we close the house & go into the country. Our children have grown to be large girls, particularly Marguirte. She is the tallest of the family though to be sure we are none of us celebrated for our height. But they are such dear good children, and such a comfort to us all. Allie is well and still in London. She continues her writing - and I believe is soon to publish a book - the name of which I have forgotten. She also writes for Magazines and newspapers. I suppose you are now with Mary so will address this letter there. Give my love to her and to her children. Lots of love to dear Annie when you write, and an overflowing portion to the beloved Mother and my own sweetheart Nell.

John, Jeannie and Maggie join me in messages of love and Margurite says I must be sure to give hers to all the cousins. She remembers dear cousin Catharine well - and prises her picture as one of her greatest treasures. She and I were talking about that darling one this morning. After the eleventh, my address will be for a short time -- Care C.O. Hale

Ira Summit Co.

Goodbye dearest,
Your own loving cousin

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