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Henry Livingston, Jr.

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The mount where old Homer has station'd Apollo:

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With the star which leads on while the jolly hours follow.

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That goddess refulgent whose far beaming rays,
Dart full upon error's dark midnight their blaze.

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The dame with whom Phoebus sups nightly below:

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And what the girls mean when they cry out no, no.

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Then take, dearest creatures, what all will confess
Is a charming profusion you sweetly possess.

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What old father Adam as pensive he stood
Of all situations pronounced not good.

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That words of all words the most hideous I know
Which can from the lips of a pretty girl flow.

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The season of life when the loves & the graces
Play round your dear bosoms & smile in your faces.

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When the lark hies to rest and the woodman retires,
And Vesper shines brightest 'mong million of fires.

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The enigma to close -- add the name of a maiden
The child of Bethuel and sister of Laban.

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The initials of these if you place with precision
Will show you a damsel whose smile is Elysian.
Blended high in her cheek is the rose's rich dye,
With the crimson of rubys her lovely lips vie.


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