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Henry Livingston, Jr.

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FAIRER than the queen of love,
Constant as the turtle Dove;
Sweeter than the smiling May,
Calmer than the close of day,
Is the maid whose name I sing
--Shepherds find out who I mean.

Take that line around our sphere
Phoebus passes twice a year:

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Take that passion forming nature,
Pour'd unbounded in each creature.

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What the coxcomb's brow adorns,
(Pardon cuckolds, 'tis not horns.)

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What the bigot calls his rage

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And the central part of stage.

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To the Jolly God of wine

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Heaven's brilliant coachman join.

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Morning of the human day
Full of innocence and play.

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What the paltry scribbler writes
When the envious maggot bites.

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Where the river wide o'erflowing
Sets the leeks and onions growing.

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What we once perceived plain,
But will ne'er behold again.

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