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Henry Livingston, Jr.

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The wisest of monarchs yet weakest of men

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With the chief who in vengeance wrapt Ilium in flame

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The pride of the world & delight of the stage
Whose numbers delight both the simple & sage.

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The country to freeman & Liberty giv'n
The first on the globe highly favor'd by heav'n

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With the word ladies use, tho their bosoms cry Yes
When the man of their choice for their hands fondly press.

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The tree whose curst fruit was the cause of our ruin
When Satan, our good Mother Eve came a wooing.

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The region which FREEDOM has called her own
Where her standard high waves o'er her deep-rooted throne
Where the maidens are constant & faithful the swains
And the cadence of rapture is rung o'er the plains.

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The period devoted to friendship & love
When naught but the nightingale gladdens the grove

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That feeling ecstatic by Heav'n design'd
As its first & its greatest of gifts to mankind.

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The prelude to marriage, when maidens so coy
Turn blushing away from the prospect of Joy

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& lastly the writer whose poetic flight
Rose high as the stars in his descant on Night.

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