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Thy fleets to all regions thy pow'r shall display
The nations admire and the ocean obey
Each shore to thy glory its treasures unfold
Their silks and their spices their gems and their gold
As the day-spring unbounded thy splendors shall flow
And Earth's little kingdoms before thee shall bow
While the ensigns of union in triumph unfurld
Hush the tumults of war & give peace to the world.

Thus as down a lone valley with cedars o'erspread
From war's confusion I pensively stray'd
The gloom from the face of fair heav'n retir'd
The winds ceased to murmur the thunders expir'd
Perfumes as of Eden flow'd sweetly along
And a voice as of angels enchantingly sung
COLUMBIA! COLUMBIA! to glory arise
The Queen of the world and the child of the skies.

Composed by the Rev. Mr. Timothy Dwight, "Columbian Muse" (New York, 1794)


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