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Columbia, Columbia to glory arise
The Queen of the world & the child of the skies
Thy genius commands thee with rapture behold
While ages on ages thy splendors unfold
Thy reign is the last and the noblest of time
Most fruitful the soil, most inviting the clime
Let the guilt of the east n'er incrimson thy name
Be free & science & virtue thy fame.

To conquest & slaughter let Europe aspire
Whelm nations in blood & wrap cities in fire
Thy heroes the rights of mankind shall defend
& triumph pursue them and glory attend
A world is thy realm for a world be thy laws
Enlarg'd as thyne Empire & just as thy cause
On freedom's broad basis that empire shall rise
Extend with the main and dissolve with the skies.
Fair science her gates to thy sons shall unbar
And the east see thy morn hide the beams of her star
Thy bards & thy sages unrival'd shall soar
To fame ever blooming when time is no more.
To thee the last refuge for virtue design'd
Shall fly from all nations the best of mankind
Here grateful to heaven with rapture shall bring
Their incense more fragrant than odours of spring.

Nor less shall thy fair-ones to glory ascend
And genius & beauty in harmony blend
The graces & form kindle purest desire
And the charms of the soul ever cherish the fire
Their sweetness unmingled, their manners refin'd
And virtue's bright image instamp'd on the mind
With love and soft transport shall teach life to glow
And light a glad smile in the aspect of Woe.


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