Manuscript in Thomas Collection empty Mozart transcription by Mary Van Deusen, Corrections by Mary Jane Corry

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Ianthe the lovely, the joy of her swain,
By Iphis was lov'd and lov'd Iphis again;
She liv'd in the youth, and the youth, in the Fair;
Their pleasure was equal and equal their care.
No delight, no enjoyment, their raptures withdrew,
But the longer they lov'd, still the fonder they grew.

A passion so happy alarm'd all the plain;
Some envy'd the Nymph, but more envy'd the swain:
Some swore t'would be pity their loves to invade,
That the lovers alone for each other were made;
But all, all consented, that none ever knew
A damsel more kind, or a shepherd more true.

Love saw them with pleasure and vow'd to take care
Of the faithful, the tender, the innocent pair;
What either might want, he bid either to move,
But nothing they wanted, but ever to love.
He did all to bless them the urchin could do,
That they stil should be gentle, kindhearted and true.

Appears in A Collection of Eighteenth Century Single Sheet Songs. Vol 4, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC;
Calliope, or the Musical Miscellany, 1788.

The happy pair, a new song, sung by Mr. Abell. [London]. [1701?] 1 sheet; 1/80. British Library C.121.g.9(125) Anonymous. By John Glanvill. "Ianthe the lovely, the joy of her swain,". REFERENCE: ESTCT1567 2. London, [1706?] 1 sheet; 1/20. British Library Rox.III(502) Anonymous. By John Glanvill. "Ianthe the lovely, the joy of her swain,". Harvard University Law Library v.1758(Oct.)-1761(Mar.) Anonymous. By John Glanvill. Verse - "Ianthe the lovely, the joy of our swain,". Anonymous. By John Glanvill. "Ianthe the lovely, the joy of our swain". Foxon p.307. REFERENCE: ESTCT35990. University of Birmingham, England.


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