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Free from the bustle, care and strife,
Of this short variegated life,
O let me spend my days
In rural sweetness with a friend,
To whom my mind I may unbend,
Nor censure heed or praise,
Nor censure heed or praise.

Riches bring cares; I ask not wealth;
Let me enjoy but peace of health,
I'll envy not the great:
Tis these alone can make me blest;
The riches take of east and west,
I claim not these or state.

I, too, would wish, to sweeten life
A gentle, kind, good-natur'd wife,
Young, sensible and fair,
One who could love but me alone,
Prefer my cot to any throne,
And soothe my ev'ry care.

Thus happy with my wife & friend,
My life I cheerfully would spend,
With no vain thoughts opprest.
If heav'n has bliss for me in store
O grant me this! I ask no more!
And I am truly blest!

The young man's wish sung by Mr. Lowe, at Marybon Gardens.... [London] [1766] 1 sheet; 1/4E Oxford University Bodleian Harding (MS. date: 1766) A slipsong "Free from the bustle, care and strife". REFERENCE: ESTCT195566.

Appeared in the Calliope, or the Musical Miscellany, 1788.


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