Manuscript in Thomas Collection empty Mozart transcription by Mary Van Deusen, Corrections by Mary Jane Corry

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Now's the time for mirth and glee,
Laugh and love and sing with me
Cupid is my theme of story
'Tis his lordship's fame & glory
'Tis his lordship's fame & glory.
Ever bending to his law, ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ever bending to his la, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

O'er the grave and o'er the gay,
Cupid takes his share of play,
He makes heroes quit their glory
He's the monarch fam'd in story
Bending them unto his law.
Ha ha....ha.

Sly the urchin deals in darts
Without pity piercing hearts,
Cupid triumphs over passions,
Not regarding modes nor fashions:
Firmly fixed is cupid's law,
Ha ha....ha.

You may doubt these things are true;
But they're facts twixt me and you,
Then young men & maids be wary
How ye meet before ye marry.
Cupid's will is solely law,
Ha ha....ha.

Bef. 1793, Scottish


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