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Transcription - p.4

When to the pale moon the soft nightingales moan,
In accents soo piercing and clear,
You sing not so sweetly I cry with a groan,
As when my dear Daman was here.

In hopes to forget him how vainly I try,
The sports of the wave and the green,
When Colin is dancing I say with a sigh,
'Twas here first my Damen was seen.

A garland of willow my Temples shall shade,
And pluck it ye nymphs from yon grove;
For there to her cost was poor Laura betrayed,
And Damen pretended to love.

One of the four missing pages (identified here as 21-24) is probably the page that immediately preceded this one, containing the music and the first verse for this song.

Medeine was the Lithuanian Goddess of Woods and Trees.


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