Manuscript in Thomas Collection; Scan at Locust Grove empty Mozart transcription by Mary Van Deusen, Corrections by Mary Jane Corry

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The pride of all nature is sweet Willyo
Wherever he came
Whate'er had a name
Whenever he sung follow'd Sweet Willyo.

Who would be soldier the Sweet Willyo
When arm'd in the field
With sword and with shield
The laurels were won by the Sweet Willyo.

Appears in:
    Shakespeare's Garland, or the Warwickshire Jubilee.2 Vols, 1769;
    New and Complete Instructions for the Oboe or Hoboy, 1770;
    Two Hundred & Four Favourite Country Dances, Vol. 1, 1775.
    Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources 1589-1839


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