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I laid poor Robin in the grave as decent as I could
And shed a tear upon his tomb for he was very good;
I took my rock all in my hand, and in my cot I sigh'd
Ah woe is me what shall I do, since poor Auld Robin dy'd?
Search ev'ry part throuout the land, there's none like me forlorn
I'm ready e'en to ban the day that ever I was born,
For Jemmy! all I lov'd on earth, ah he is gone away
My father's ded, my mither's dead, and eke Auld Robin Gray.


I rose up with the morning sun and spun till setting day
And one whole year of widowhood I mourn'd for Robin Gray.
I did the duty of a wife both kind and constant, too,
Let ev'ry one example take, and Jenny's plan pursue.
I thought my Jemmy he was dead, or he to me was lost.
If all my fond and youthful love entirely was cross't.
I tried to laugh, I try'd to sing, and pass the time away,
For I had neer a friend alive since died Auld Robin Gray.


At length the merry bells rung round, I could nae guess the cause.
Yet thyself was the man they said who gain'd so much applause.
I doubted if the tale was true, till Jemmy came to me
And shew'd a purse of golden ore, and said it is for thee.
Auld Robin Gray I find is dead, and still your heart is true.
Then take me Jenny to your arms, and I will be so, too.
Mess John shall join us at the kirk, and we'll be blyth & gay
I blush'd, consented and reply'd - adieu Auld Robin Gray.

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