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Yet the unkind one damps my joy
And cries I court but to destroy.
Can love with ruin tally
By those dear lips, those eyes, I swear
I wou'd all deaths, all torments bear
Rather than injure Sally.

Come then, oh! come thou sweeter far
Then violets and roses are
Or lilies of the valley.
O follow love and quit your fear
He'll guide you to those arms, my dear,
And make you blest in Sally.

WOMAN (Cont.)

The pleasure of drinking henceforth I resign
For tho there is mirth, yet there's madness in wine.
Then let not false sparkles our senses beguile
Tis the mention of Chloe that makes the glass smile.

Her beauties, with rapture, my senses inspire,
And the more I behold her the more I admire,
But the charms of her temper & mind I adore
Those virtues shall bless me when beauty's no more.

How happy our days when with love we engage.
'Tis the transport of youth, 'tis the comfort of age.
But what are the joys of the bottle or bowl
Wine tickles the taste; love enraptures the soul.


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