An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas (troysentinel1823)
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'Twas the night before Christmas , when all thro' the house , T-W-AH1-Z DH-AH0 N-AY1-T B-IH0-F-AO1-R K-R-IH1-S-M-AH0-S W-EH1-N AO1-L TH-R-UW DH-AH0 HH-AW1-S HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.100 0.100 /AllW 0.068 0.037
Not a creature was stirring , not even a mouse ; N-AA1-T AH0 K-R-IY1-CH-ER0 W-AA1-Z S-T-ER1-IH0-NG N-AA1-T IY1-V-IH0-N AH0 M-AW1-S HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.068
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care , DH-AH0 S-T-AA1-K-IH0-NG-Z W-ER0 HH-AH1-NG B-AY1 DH-AH0 CH-IH1-M-N-IY0 W-IH1-DH K-EH1-R HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.068 0.037
In hopes that St . Nicholas soon would be there ; IH0-N HH-OW1-P-S DH-AE1-T S-T-R-IY1-T N-IH1-K-AH0-L-AH0-S S-UW1-N W-UH1-D B-IY1 DH-EH1-R HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.037
The children were nestled all snug in their beds , DH-AH0 CH-IH1-L-D-R-AH0-N W-ER0 N-EH1-S-AH0-L-D AO1-L S-N-AH1-G IH0-N DH-EH1-R B-EH1-D-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
While visions of sugar plums danc'd in their heads , W-AY1-L V-IH1-ZH-AH0-N-Z AH1-V SH-UH1-G-ER0 P-L-AH1-M-Z D-AE1-N-S-T IH0-N DH-EH1-R HH-EH1-D-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And Mama in her 'kerchief , and I in my cap , AH0-N-D M-AA1-M-AH0 IH0-N HH-ER0 K-ER0-CH-IH0-F AH0-N-D AY1 IH0-N M-AY1 K-AE1-P HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap - HH-AE1-D JH-AH1-S-T S-EH1-T-AH0-L-D AW1-ER0 B-R-EY1-N-Z F-AO1-R AH0 L-AO1-NG W-IH1-N-T-ER0-Z N-AE1-P HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.100 0.100 /AllW 0.068 0.037
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter , W-EH1-N AW1-T AA1-N DH-AH0 L-AO1-N DH-EH1-R ER0-OW1-Z S-AH1-CH AH0 K-L-AE1-T-ER0 HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.068
I sprung from the bed to see what was the matter . AY1 S-P-R-AH1-NG F-R-AH1-M DH-AH0 B-EH1-D T-UW1 S-IY1 W-AH1-T W-AA1-Z DH-AH0 M-AE1-T-ER0 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.068
Away to the window I flew like a flash , AH0-W-EY1 T-UW1 DH-AH0 W-IH1-N-D-OW0 AY1 F-L-UW1 L-AY1-K AH0 F-L-AE1-SH HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.068
Tore open the shutters , and threw up the sash . T-AO1-R OW1-P-AH0-N DH-AH0 SH-AH1-T-ER0-Z AH0-N-D TH-R-UW1 AH1-P DH-AH0 S-AE1-SH HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.068
The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow , DH-AH0 M-UW1-N AA1-N DH-AH0 B-R-EH1-S-T AH1-V DH-AH0 N-UW1 F-AA1-L-AH0-N S-N-OW1 HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.068
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below ; G-EY1-V DH-AH0 L-AH1-S-T-ER0 AH1-V M-IH1-D-OW0-D-EY1 T-UW1 AA1-B-JH-EH0-K-T-S B-IH0-L-OW1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.068
When , what to my wondering eyes should appear , W-EH1-N W-AH1-T T-UW1 M-AY1 W-AH1-N-D-ER0-IH0-NG AY1-Z SH-UH1-D AH0-P-IH1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But a miniature sleigh , and eight tiny rein-deer , B-AH1-T AH0 M-IH1-N-IH0-CH-UH2-R S-L-EY1 AH0-N-D EY1-T T-AY1-N-IY0 R-EY1-N-D-IH2-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
With a little old driver , so lively and quick , W-IH1-DH AH0 L-IH1-T-AH0-L OW1-L-D D-R-AY1-V-ER0 S-OW1 L-AY1-V-L-IY0 AH0-N-D K-W-IH1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.068
I knew in a moment it must be St . Nick . AY1 N-UW1 IH0-N AH0 M-OW1-M-AH0-N-T IH1-T M-AH1-S-T B-IY1 S-T-R-IY1-T N-IH1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came , M-AO1-R R-AE1-P-AH0-D DH-AE1-N IY1-G-AH0-L-Z HH-IH1-Z K-AO2-R-S-ER0-Z DH-EY1 K-EY1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And he whistled , and shouted , and call'd them by name : AH0-N-D HH-IY1 W-IH1-S-AH0-L-D AH0-N-D SH-AW1-T-AH0-D AH0-N-D K-AO1-L-D DH-EH1-M B-AY1 N-EY1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
" Now ! Dasher , now ! Dancer , now ! Prancer , and Vixen , N-AW1 D-AE1-SH-ER0 N-AW1 D-AE1-N-S-ER0 N-AW1 P-R-AE1-N-S-ER0 AH0-N-D V-IH1-K-S-IH0-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
" On ! Comet , on ! Cupid , on ! Dunder and Blixem ; AA1-N K-AA1-M-AH0-T AA1-N K-Y-UW1-P-IH0-D AA1-N D-AA1-N-D-ER0 AH0-N-D B-L-IH0-K-S-AH0-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
" To the top of the porch ! to the top of the wall ! T-UW1 DH-AH0 T-AA1-P AH1-V DH-AH0 P-AO1-R-CH T-UW1 DH-AH0 T-AA1-P AH1-V DH-AH0 W-AO1-L HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.083 /AllW 0.068
" Now dash away ! dash away ! dash away all ! " N-AW1 D-AE1-SH AH0-W-EY1 D-AE1-SH AH0-W-EY1 D-AE1-SH AH0-W-EY1 AO1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly , AE1-Z D-R-AY1 L-IY1-V-Z B-IH0-F-AO1-R DH-AH0 W-AY1-L-D HH-ER1-AH0-K-EY2-N F-L-AY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
When they meet with an obstacle , mount to the sky ; W-EH1-N DH-EY1 M-IY1-T W-IH1-DH AE1-N AA1-B-S-T-AH0-K-AH0-L M-AW1-N-T T-UW1 DH-AH0 S-K-AY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
So up to the house-top the coursers they flew , S-OW1 AH1-P T-UW1 DH-AH0 HH-AW1-S-T-AA1-P DH-AH0 K-AO2-R-S-ER0-Z DH-EY1 F-L-UW1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.068
With the sleigh full of Toys - and St . Nicholas too : W-IH1-DH DH-AH0 S-L-EY1 F-UH1-L AH1-V T-OY1-Z AH0-N-D S-T-R-IY1-T N-IH1-K-AH0-L-AH0-S T-UW1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
And then in a twinkling , I heard on the roof AH0-N-D DH-EH1-N IH0-N AH0 T-W-IH1-NG-K-AH0-L-IH0-NG AY1 HH-ER1-D AA1-N DH-AH0 R-UW1-F HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof . DH-AH0 P-R-AE1-N-S-IH0-NG AH0-N-D P-AO1-IH0-NG AH1-V IY1-CH L-IH1-T-AH0-L HH-UW1-F HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.068 0.037
As I drew in my head , and was turning around , AE1-Z AY1 D-R-UW1 IH0-N M-AY1 HH-EH1-D AH0-N-D W-AA1-Z T-ER1-N-IH0-NG ER0-AW1-N-D HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.037
Down the chimney St . Nicholas came with a bound : D-AW1-N DH-AH0 CH-IH1-M-N-IY0 S-T-R-IY1-T N-IH1-K-AH0-L-AH0-S K-EY1-M W-IH1-DH AH0 B-AW1-N-D HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.068
He was dress'd all in fur , from his head to his foot , HH-IY1 W-AA1-Z D-R-EH1-S-T AO1-L IH0-N F-ER1 F-R-AH1-M HH-IH1-Z HH-EH1-D T-UW1 HH-IH1-Z F-UH1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And his clothes were all tarnish'd with ashes and soot ; AH0-N-D HH-IH1-Z K-L-OW1-DH-Z W-ER0 AO1-L T-AA1-R-N-IH0-SH-T W-IH1-DH AE1-SH-AH0-Z AH0-N-D S-UH1-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.037
A bundle of toys was flung on his back , AH0 B-AH1-N-D-AH0-L AH1-V T-OY1-Z W-AA1-Z F-L-AH1-NG AA1-N HH-IH1-Z B-AE1-K HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.068 0.037
And he look'd like a peddler just opening his pack : AH0-N-D HH-IY1 L-UH2-K-T L-AY1-K AH0 P-EH1-D-L-ER0 JH-AH1-S-T OW1-P-AH0-N-IH0-NG HH-IH1-Z P-AE1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
His eyes - how they twinkled ! his dimples how merry , HH-IH1-Z AY1-Z HH-AW1 DH-EY1 T-W-IH1-NG-K-AH0-L-D HH-IH1-Z D-IH1-M-P-AH0-L-Z HH-AW1 M-EH1-R-IY0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
His cheeks were like roses , his nose like a cherry ; HH-IH1-Z CH-IY1-K-S W-ER0 L-AY1-K R-OW1-Z-IH0-Z HH-IH1-Z N-OW1-Z L-AY1-K AH0 CH-EH1-R-IY0 HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.037
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow , HH-IH1-Z D-R-OW1-L L-IH1-T-AH0-L M-AW1-TH W-AA1-Z D-R-AO1-N AH1-P L-AY1-K AH0 B-AW1 HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.068
And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow ; AH0-N-D DH-AH0 B-IH1-R-D AH1-V HH-IH1-Z CH-IH1-N W-AA1-Z AE1-Z W-AY1-T AE1-Z DH-AH0 S-N-OW1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 4 2 2 /LinW 0.167 0.167 /AllW 0.068 0.037
The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth , DH-AH0 S-T-AH1-M-P AH1-V AH0 P-AY1-P HH-IY1 HH-EH1-L-D T-AY1-T IH0-N HH-IH1-Z T-IY1-TH HF-MF Hfav Mfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.182 0.091 /AllW 0.068 0.037
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath . AH0-N-D DH-AH0 S-M-OW1-K IH1-T IH0-N-S-ER1-K-AH0-L-D HH-IH1-Z HH-EH1-D L-AY1-K AH0 R-IY1-TH HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
He had a broad face , and a little round belly HH-IY1 HH-AE1-D AH0 B-R-AO1-D F-EY1-S AH0-N-D AH0 L-IH1-T-AH0-L R-AW1-N-D B-EH1-L-IY0 HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.068
That shook when he laugh'd , like a bowl full of jelly : DH-AE1-T SH-UH1-K W-EH1-N HH-IY1 L-AE1-F-T L-AY1-K AH0 B-OW1-L F-UH1-L AH1-V JH-EH1-L-IY0 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.068
He was chubby and plump , a right jolly old elf , HH-IY1 W-AA1-Z CH-AH1-B-IY0 AH0-N-D P-L-AH1-M-P AH0 R-AY1-T JH-AA1-L-IY0 OW1-L-D EH1-L-F HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.037
And I laugh'd when I saw him in spite of myself ; AH0-N-D AY1 L-AE1-F-T W-EH1-N AY1 S-AO1 HH-IH1-M IH0-N S-P-AY1-T AH1-V M-AY2-S-EH1-L-F HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head AH0 W-IH1-NG-K AH1-V HH-IH1-Z AY1 AH0-N-D AH0 T-W-IH1-S-T AH1-V HH-IH1-Z HH-EH1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread . S-UW1-N G-EY1-V M-IY1 T-UW1 N-OW1 AY1 HH-AE1-D N-AH1-TH-IH0-NG T-UW1 D-R-EH1-D HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.037
He spoke not a word , but went straight to his work , HH-IY1 S-P-OW1-K N-AA1-T AH0 W-ER1-D B-AH1-T W-EH1-N-T S-T-R-EY1-T T-UW1 HH-IH1-Z W-ER1-K HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.182 /AllW 0.037
And fill'd all the stockings ; then turn'd with a jerk , AH0-N-D F-IH1-L-D AO1-L DH-AH0 S-T-AA1-K-IH0-NG-Z DH-EH1-N T-ER1-N-D W-IH1-DH AH0 JH-ER1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.068
And laying his finger aside of his nose AH0-N-D L-EY1-IH0-NG HH-IH1-Z F-IH1-NG-G-ER0 AH0-S-AY1-D AH1-V HH-IH1-Z N-OW1-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And giving a nod , up the chimney he rose . AH0-N-D G-IH1-V-IH0-NG AH0 N-AA1-D AH1-P DH-AH0 CH-IH1-M-N-IY0 HH-IY1 R-OW1-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.068
He sprung to his sleigh , to his team gave a whistle , HH-IY1 S-P-R-AH1-NG T-UW1 HH-IH1-Z S-L-EY1 T-UW1 HH-IH1-Z T-IY1-M G-EY1-V AH0 W-IH1-S-AH0-L HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.037
And away they all flew , like the down of a thistle : AH0-N-D AH0-W-EY1 DH-EY1 AO1-L F-L-UW1 L-AY1-K DH-AH0 D-AW1-N AH1-V AH0 TH-IH1-S-AH0-L HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.068
But I heard him exclaim , ere he drove out of sight - B-AH1-T AY1 HH-ER1-D HH-IH1-M IH0-K-S-K-L-EY1-M EH1-R HH-IY1 D-R-OW1-V AW1-T AH1-V S-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Happy Christmas to all , and to all a good night . HH-AE1-P-IY0 K-R-IH1-S-M-AH0-S T-UW1 AO1-L AH0-N-D T-UW1 AO1-L AH0 G-UH1-D N-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW

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