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PSALM 114. L.M.
Miracles attending Israel's journey. (cont.)

  6 Flints spring with fountains at his word,
And fires and seas confess the Lord.

PSALM 115. L.M.
The true God is our refuge; or, Idolatry reproved.

  1 NOT to ourselves, who are but dust,
Not to ourselves is glory due;
'Tis thine, great God, the only just,
The only gracious, wise, and true.
  2 Shine forth in all thy dreadful name;
Why should a heathen's haughty tongue
Insult us; and, to raise our shame,
Say, "Where's the God you've serv'd so long?
  3 The God, we serve, maintains his throne
Above the clouds, beyond the skies:
Thro' all the earth his will is done,
He knows our groans, he hears our cries.
  4 But the vain idols, they adore,
Are senseless shapes of stone and wood;
At best a mass of glitt'ring ore,
A silver saint, or golden god,
  5 With eyes and ears they carve the head;
Deaf are their ears, their eyes are blind;
To them in vain are off'rings made,
And vows are scattered in the wind.
  6 Their feet were never made to move,
Nor hands to save when mortals pray;
Mortals, that pay them fear or love,
Seem to be blind and deaf, as they.
  7 O Israel! make the Lord thy hope,
Thy help, thy refuge and thy rest;
The Lord shall build thy ruins up,
And bless the people and the priest.
  8 The dead no more can speak thy praise
They dwell in silence and the grave;

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PSALM 115. L.M.
The true God is our refuge; or, Idolatry reproved. (cont.)

  8 But we shall live to sing thy grace,
And tell the world thy pow'r to save.

PSALM 116. First Part. C.M.
Recovery from sickness.

  1 I LOVE the Lord; he heard my cries,
   And pitied ev'ry groan:
Long as I live, when troubles rise,
   I'll hasten to his throne.
  2 I love the Lord; he bow'd his ear,
   And chas'd my griefs away:
O! let my heart no more despair,
   While I have breath to pray.
  3 My flesh declin'd, my spirits fell,
   And I drew near the dead;
While inward pangs, and fears of hell
   Perplex'd my wakeful head.
  4 "My God," I cried, "thy servant save,
   "Thou ever good and just;
"Thy pow'r can rescue from the grave,
   "Thy pow'r is all my trust."
  5 The Lord beheld me sore distrest,
   He bade my pains remove:
Return, my soul, to God, thy rest,
   For thou hast known his love.
  6 My God hath sav'd my soul from death,
   And dried my falling tears:
Now to his praise I'll spend my breath,
   And my remaining years.

PSALM 116. Second Part. C.M.
Public thanks for private deliverance.

  1 WHAT shall I render to my God,
   For all his kindness shown?
My feet shall visit thine abode,
   My songs address thy throne.

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