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PAGE 084:

PSALM 45. Second Part. L.M.
Christ and his Church. (cont.)

  1 THE King of saints how fair his face,
Adorn'd with majesty and grace!
He comes with blessings from above,
And wins the nations with his love.
  2 At his right hand our eyes behold
The queen array'd in purest gold:
The world admires her heav'nly dress;
Her robe of joy and righteousness.
  3 He forms her beauties like his own,
He calls and seats her near his throne;
Fair stranger, let thy heart forget
The idols of thy native state.
  4 So shall the King the more rejoice
In thee, the fav'rite of his choice;
Let him be lov'd, and yet ador'd:
For he's thy Maker and thy Lord.
  5 O happy hour! when thou shalt rise
To his fair palace in the skies;
And all thy sons (a numerous train)
Each, like a prince, in glory reign.
  6 Let endless honours crown his head;
Let ev'ry age his praises spread;
While we with cheerful songs approve
The condescension of his love.

PSALM 46. First Part. L.M.
The safety of the church.

And mountains in the ocean lost;
  1 GOD is our refuge in distress,
A present help when dangers press:
On him for safety we relied,
And in his strength we will confide.
HL Note
  2 Tho' earth were from her centre tost,
And mountains in the ocean lost;

PAGE 085:

PSALM 46. First Part. L.M.
The safety of the church. (cont.)

  2 Or lofty hills from their abode,
Torn piece-meal by the roaring flood.
  3 Let angry waves together roll'd
Rage on with fury uncontrol'd;
We will not fear, whilst we depend
On God, who is our constant friend.
  4 A gentler stream, that ever flows,
And joy to all around bestows,
The city of the Lord shall fill,
The city where he's worshipp'd still.
  5 God dwells in Zion, whose strong tow'rs,
Shall mock th' assault of earthly pow'rs;
And his almighty aid is nigh,
To those who on his strength rely.

PSALM 46. Second Part. L.M.
God creates peace.

  1 LET Sion in her King rejoice,
Tho' tyrants rage, and kingdoms rise;
He utters his almighty voice,
The nations melt, the tumult dies.
  2 The Lord of old for Jacob fought,
And Jacob's God is still our aid:
Behold the works his hand hath wrought,
What desolations he hath made!
  3 From sea to sea thro' all the shores,
He makes the noise of battles cease;
When from on high his thunder roars,
He awes the trembling world to peace.
  4 He breaks the bow, he cuts the spear;
Chariots he burns with heav'nly flame:
Keep silence all the earth, and hear
The sound and glory of his name.

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Henry Livingston Notes:
Psalm 46 appears in Music Manuscript as Greenfield


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