Henry Livingston, Jr.
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New York Magazine or Literary Repository
Of the SAW-MILL of Henry Livingston, jun.
Vol. III No. VIII (Aug 1792): 450-451; Illo by H.L.

A Note in the NYHS files of William Sturges Thomas:
H.L. disclaims the anecdote about the bear and the cubs as nothing of his own; it was added to the drawing by the editors, to his chagrin.

For the New-York Magazine.
Of the SAW-MILL of HENRY LIVINGSTON, jun. near Poughkeepsie.

The natural beauties of the cascade on which this saw-mill stands, are not equalled perhaps by any in America. -- A curious anecdote relating to this mill is worth mentioning: --

A female bear and two cubs were pursued by hunters from the west side of Hudson's river, and took shelter in the wood that surrounds this mill. Early next morning, one Buyce, the miller, discovered an enormous bear and two smaller onces ascend the mill, (the mill was then going;) on the log, which was continually moving to the saw, was placed the sawyer's breakfast. The hungry bear, urged by the delicious effluvia of the bread and cheese, seized it as her lawful prize, and jumped on the moving log, with her tail towards the saw; the cubs placed themselves on the log directly before her. She had scarce began her repast, when the titulation of the saw moving perpendicularly with amazing force, touched her tail; with contempt she snarled, grinned, and looked behind her, when, in a moment, the salutation of the saw amputated her tail. She then with fury turned towards the saw, and with a hideous yell, raised herself on her hind legs, grasped the saw, and in four seconds was torn to pieces. The sawyer then approached, killed one of the cubs with a crow bar; the other fell down the mill, and, stunned by the fall, was taken alive, and is now in the posession of the miller, the dread of all the dogs in the village.


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