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Sep'r 3rd, 1827

Dear Son Charles:

I think it probable that Thomas Brewer has already written to his mother & informed her that at 1/2 after 11 o'clock A.M. of Saturday last (the 1st instant) our much esteemed venerable friend Mrs. Mitchel closed her eyes on the things of this earth. Her departure was tranquil & she possessed her mind unclouded to the last. Your Mamma arrived abt half an hour before she expired. Her remains were interred in the Episcopal cemetery yesterday afternoon (Sunday). The church crowded to overflowing & Doct'r Reed's sermon particularly feeling and energetic.

Notice had been given to the two eastern families; none came over, however, excepting A. & Duncan Campbell and Mr. C. Green. Mrs. Campbell keeps her room with inflammatory sciatica and could not come. [Archibald Campbell was married to Eliza's mother Hannah's sister, Elizabeth Mitchell Campbell.]

Please to assure Mrs. Brewer and our dear Eliza that this family sincerely sympathize with them.

Mrs. M. was in her 88th year.

Your favor of the 13th ult. after 8 days Journeying came safe to hand, and it was high time, for many were the misgivings, marvels and even grumbles at the lengthened procrastination. Its cheering contents, however, smoothed all our brows.

Your idea of a future removal from the shores of the Hudson to the banks of the Grande Rivierre is quite a feasible one & probably would be realized could I realize $80 an acre for my domicile here, say handling, after closing a few chinks, $15 or 16000. A farm, and that too, a good one, say within two or 3 miles of your village & then a beautiful roomy lot with a comfortable dwelling house for us old folks & children in the heart of the town itself. The water in the pump or well must be unfailing, cold & pure -- pure as that in my present well.


Hudson farms for some years past have been too low compared with their intrinsic worth. But of late, eligible situations have been enquired after & they are rapidly looking up. The country is healthy. This family in its usual plight. Edwin still at home & unemployed. Salute daughter Eliza & her namesake. Remember me kindly to Mrs. Brewer & receive yourself a heartful of kindest greetings from your father, H.L.


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