Henry Livingston, Jr.
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Henry's Immediate Family and Family Workers

13 October 1748-1771
1771-29 February 1828      given property in 1771, died on it    (married age 26)

Sarah Welles
18 May 1774-before 1 Sep 1783      taken to mother in CT before death    (married age 22)

    Catharine Livingston
    18 Aug 1775-4 Nov 1793      left to marry, age 18
children spent about 3 1/2 years with their grandmother in Stamford after the death of their mother

    Henry Welles Livingston
    25 Nov 1776 - 6 Jan 1778      died as child
children spent about 3 1/2 years with their grandmother in Stamford after the death of their mother; Harry, at least, seems to have been boarded for school
Jul 23 '88 Harry was home 10 days"

    Cornelia Livingston
    2 Jul 1780-28 Apr 1794      died as child

    Henry Welles Livingston
    31 Jul 1778 - ?      left to start life as lawyer

Jane McLean Patterson
1 Sep 1793 - abt 1830      sold property 2 years after widowhood - date fits with Jane's marriage    (married age 24)

    Dr. Charles Paterson Livingston
    18 May 1794 - ?      left for Illinois    (married 5 Jan 1826, age 32)

    Sidney Montgomery Livingston
    4 Oct 1796-10 October 1829      left to marry, age 34

    Edwin George Livingston
    17 Nov 1798 - ?      moved with Sister to Wisconsin
Edwin still at home & unemployed.

    Jane Patterson Livingston
    4 Dec 1800 - 23 Nov 1830      left to marry, age 30

    Helen Platt Livingston
    19 Nov 1802-abt 1830      didn't marry until 30 Mar 1853, age 51

    Elizabeth Davenport Livingston
    17 Mar 1805-abt 1830      didn't marry until 2 Nov 1836, age 31

    Susan Catherine Livingston
    23 Apr 1807-abt 1830      didn't marry until 20 Jan 1846, aged 40

    Catharine Breese Livingston
    Jul 1809-13 Sep 1814      died as child


Jul 27 '76
Theosodia Welles died

Aug 11 '76
"Nathaniel Babcock Dr to Cash in full for attendance on Theosodia Welles funeral 0-8-0"

Jul 12 '77
"My brother-in-law Melancthon Welles came here according to agreement with Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey. I am to school and maintain him till he is grown up at his charge. (Also a Day Book entry)

Sep 18 '79
"From this morning William is to work 3 months for a Rifle."
thinking this might be Willy of the poem, Sarah's brother

NON- FAMILY Apr 23 '73
"William Jaycock Crd by L3..10 for 5 Hogsheads of Lime-... rest confusing"

Guardian to WIlliam Jacock's son, Thomas William Jacock

Dec 20 '84
"This day Thomas W. Jacock gave me in the presence of my brother Gilbert Livingston a full certificate that he was satisfied with my conduct as his late guardian & allowed me L12 for all my trouble on his behalf."

Charles Dogarty Feb 21 '72 Agreed with Charles Dogarty an Irish Jerseyman for his working a month Day Book NYHS
Daniel Fisher Mar 7 '72 This evening Daniel Fisher, wife & 4 children came here, He is to stay a year & for his & wife's services, am to give him L18 & also to maintain his 3 youngest children Day Book NYHS
Hannah Tappen Mar 15 '72 This morning Hannah Tappen went away. She has been here in all 4 months & 26 days. Day Book NYHS
Wells Henry Mar 31 '72 Then agreed with Wells Henry a New England Irishman to work a month for 34 sh Day Book NYHS
Daniel Fisher Mar 31 '72 Fisher finish'd pruning the Orchard Day Book NYHS
Wells Henry May 6 '72 Wells Henry went away. Dady pd him 34sh yesterday Day Book NYHS
Wells Sep 23 '72 Daniel Fisher and family mov'd away-- Dady paid him L18 his whole years wages for 6 months & 16 days Day Book NYHS
Daniel Fisher Mar 31 '72 Fisher finish'd pruning the Orchard Day Book NYHS
Garret Van Hoesen Sep 23 '72 Garret Van Hoesen & wife & daughter mov'd here today- They came down to Dadys the 6th of August last-- they are to stay a year at L24 Day Book NYHS
Elias Van Beenschooten Oct 26 '72 Hired Elias Van Beenschooten for a month at 40sh. He stayed 12 days - owe him Day Book NYHS
Elias Van Beenschooten Dec 30 '72 Elias V. Beenschooten Crdt by 18s & 5d for 12 days work Day Book NYHS
Cath. Heyser May 27 '73 Cath. Heyser Crdt by 9sh for 3 days Cleaning-- Have paid her in full. 0-9-0 Day Book NYHS
Muhail Coleman Aug 11 '73 Hired Muhail Coleman an Antiquated Hibernian for 26 dry day at 50sh Day Book NYHS
Daniel Vaile Oct 19 '73 Hired Daniel Vaile for 2 months for L4 26 dry days each month Day Book NYHS
Garret V. Hoesen Mar '73 Garret V. Hoesen Dr to 9sh for 3 days labour for himself. I am work'd one day of Ho 2 0-9-0 Day Book NYHS
Henry Piper Apr 28 '73 I paid One Henry Piper 3sh6 for 2 days of work 0-3-6 Day Book NYHS
Carnie Burrough Feb 9 '75 Hired Carnie Burrough to thresh at 5d per bus and he is to clean it in the bargain Day Book NYHS
Sarah Runnells Jun 10 '75 Sarah Runnells quit working here. She has been here 3 mo & 19 days & I have paid her at different times to full amount of her labour 2-18-10 Day Book NYHS
Rachel Wood Jun 12 '75 This morning hired Rachel Wood at 20sh per month Day Book NYHS
Rachel Wood Aug 12 '75 Rachel Wood Dr to 24 sh which pays her of 2 months, the next month to begin next Tuesday the 15th at noon 1-4-0 Day Book NYHS
Isabella Ferguson Mar 4 '76 This morning I hired Isabella Ferguson for 1 month at 20sh Day Book NYHS
Hunt, Rogers Mar 11 '76 he's hiring people Hunt and Rogers to pull logs and paying them separately people come in on an as needed basis Day Book NYHS
Isabella Fergeson
Hannah Campbell
Mar '76 pays off Isabella Fergeson and hires Hannah Campbell at 16sh per month Day Book NYHS
Michael Colman May 27 '76 This morning Michael Colman went away. I being at Hanford [Hartford?] he has worked 6 days 7 2 hours Day Book NYHS
Isabella Fergeson Jul 23 '76 Bella went away this morning. (must be Isabella) Day Book NYHS
Jenny Smith Sep 3 '76 Jenny Smith Dr to Cash for 5 1/4 days raking last harvest -- N.B. I over paid her 4 0-13-4 Day Book NYHS
Peter DeVoe Nov 21 '76 Agreed with Peter DeVoe to work for me from this day till the 20th of March next for L6- N.B. I owe him for previous Labour 11 1/2 days at 2sh per day L1..3 Day Book NYHS
Dr. Dodges Negro woman Jan 8 '77 Hired Dr. Dodges Negro woman at 12 sh per month - began work this morning Day Book NYHS
James Brisben, Mary Jan 6 '78 James help me kill [pigs] near noon Mary all day pd to a load of wood he cut himself Day Book NYHS
Mary Jan 8 '78 Mary helped us all day - in all 3 day Day Book NYHS
James Brisben Jan 8 '78 James Brisben Crd by 1 days work Day Book NYHS
William [Welles?] Sep 18 '79 From this morning William is to work 3 months for a Rifle Day Book NYHS
Betsy Jul 6 '84 On the first day of July I left my daughter Cornelia & girl Betsy with W. Cheney at the spring in Hancock at boarding Day Book NYHS
Mary and Polly Dollson Feb 28 '87 Hired Mary Dollson and her daughter Polly for 1 year for which I am to give her L15 & 2 shifts 1 pair of stockings & 1 pair of shoes, to her daughter She is to find her own bedding of small wheel Day Book NYHS
Elizabeth Warren Mar 10 '87 Assigned over to Peter Tappen Esq. all my right to Elizabeth Warren till she is 18 years of age which will be on the 11th of August 1788. He is to do for her in all things as I should have done, had she stay'd She gave her consent in the presence of Mr. & Mrs. Tappen & their daughter Caty. Indenture papers in NYSA Day Book NYHS, NYSA
Tamar Jul 23 '88 Tamar a black woman went away. She has been here 6 weeks lacking 1 1/2 days at xx Day Book NYHS
Mercy Jul 27 '88 Bought a negro girl named Mercy of xx for 53 (lbs?) Discounted about I had ag him for 22"19"2 (I had xx to make it 23 & gave him a bond for 30 pounds payable with interest a year hence - the same day I sold her to my father for the same sum & took his order for 53 pounds on John Woolley

In the 1790 Census, Henry is shown having one black slave and no free blacks in his household.

In the 1800 Census, Henry is shown having one free black person in his household, and no black slaves.

Jan 27 '20 Letter to Sidney Breese - The Missouri slave question agitates every body here. Happy Illinois! Thine is exclusively the land of the FREE.

Day Book NYHS
James May 2 '02 I take it that James will this week get to plowing. His horses must have grain & hay then, by all means. Letter to Henry Welles Thomas Collection
Peter Tiebou Jan 27 '26 You mention the name of Peter Tiebou. That man is most necessary to us at this time. After his return from Canada he hired here for one year at $4 a month, say, to the middle of next May. Letter to Charles Livingston Thomas Collection
Peter Tiebou May 25 '27 You mentioned the comming of Peter. His year with me will not expire before the first of July ensuing. He has become much attached to various females & perhaps of various colors in the vicinity & is abroad almost every evening, -- sometimes all night. Be sure he is the same industrious, honest creature he ever was. I am told that he has declared his intention of not Journeying your way, or perhaps anywhere. In fact, I so little understand him when he brandishes his stammering half english & half french that I converse with him very seldom. Letter to Charles Livingston Thomas Collection


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