Henry Livingston, Jr.


Uncles and Aunts
Nieces and Nephews
Cousins, Grandparents' Generation
Cousins, Parents' Generation
Cousins, Henry's Generation
Cousins, Children's Generation
Descendants of Henry and Sarah
Descendants of Henry and Jane

Henry Livingston, Sr. and Susannah Conklin Parents
Rev. Dr. Noah Welles and Abigail Woolsey Wife's parents
Gilbert Livingston and Cornelia Beekman Grandparents
Captain John Conklin and Annetje (Joanna) Storm Grandparents
Reverend Benjamin Woolsey and Abigail Taylor Wife's grandparents
Robert Livingston and Alida Schuyler
Great grandparents
Reverend John Livingston and Janet Fleming
2nd Great grandparents
Colonel Philip Pieterse Schuyler and Margaretta van Slichtenhorst
Hendrick (Henry) Beekman and Joanna Lopers
Deputy Mayor Wilhelmus Hendrickse Beekman and Catalina de Boogh
3rd Great grandparents
Rev. William Livingston and Barbara Livingston
Rev. Alexander Livingston and Agnes Livingston
4th Great grandparents
Rev. Wilhelm Baudartius and Barbara Martens
Mayor Peter Schuyler and Engeltie Van Schaick and Maria Van Rensselaer Great-granduncle
Dr. Gerardus Beekman and Magdalena Abeel Uncle
Colonel Henry Beekman and Janet Livingston and Gertrude Van Cortlandt Uncle married to 2nd cousin, once removed,
and to 1st cousin, once removed
Sheriff James Livingston and Judith Newcomb Uncle
Jonathan Thorn and Catharine Livingston Aunt's husband
Alida Livingston and Colonel Jacob Rutsen and Henry Van Rensselaer Aunt married to 1st cousin and ?
NY Lt. Governor Pierre Van Cortlandt and Joanna Livingston 3rd cousin married to aunt
Peter S. Stuyvesant and Margaret Livingston
Colonel Melancthon Taylor Woolsey and Rebecca Lloyd Uncle of wife
Robert Livingston, Jr. and Margaret Howarden Granduncle
Philip Livingston, 2nd Lord of Livingston Manor, and Catharine Van Brugh Granduncle
Gilbert Livingston and Catharine Crannell Brother
Rev. John Henry Livingston and Sarah Livingston
Lt. Robert Henry Livingston and Caty Tappan
Beekman Livingston and Catharine Marsh
Judge Jonas Platt and Helen Livingston Brother-in-law
General Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey and Alida Livingston
Paul Schenck and Joanna Livingston
Susan Livingston and Gerardus Duyckinck
Cornelia Livingston and Myndert Van Kleeck
Representative John Davenport and Mary Sylvester Welles Sister-in-law's husband
Major Melancthon Woolsey Welles and Abigail Buel Brother-in-law
Commodore Melancthon Taylor Woolsey and Susan Cornelia Tredwell Nephew
Colonel Henry Alexander Livingston and xx Nephew
Matthew Mesier and Joanna Schenck Husband of niece
Commodore Melancthon Brooks Woolsey and Mary Louisa Morrison Grandnephew
Rev. Isaac Pierson Stryker and Alida Livingston Woolsey Husband of Grandniece
William Henry Reese and Mary Augusta Willis Husband of grandniece
William Willis Reese and Augusta Bliss Great grandnephew
Rev. Melancthon Woolsey Stryker Great grandnephew
Willis Livingston Mesier Reese and Frances 2nd Great grandnephew
Willis Willis Reese and Frances 3rd Great grandnephew
COUSINS of Henry's Grandparents' Generation
Robert 'The Nephew' Livingston and Margaretta Schuyler 1st cousin, twice removed - both
COUSINS of Henry's Parents' Generation
Signer Philip Livingston and Christiana Ten Broeck 1st cousin, once removed
Governor William Livingston and Susannah French
Peter Van Brugh Livingston and Mary Alexander
Major Gen. William Alexander, Lord Stirling, and Sarah Livingston Husband of 1st cousin, once removed
Colonel Robert Livingston, 3rd Lord, and Mary Thong 1st cousin, once removed
Judge Robert R. Livingston, and Margaret Beekman 1st cousins, once removed
COUSINS of Henry's Generation
Brig.Gen. Philip Van Cortlandt 1st cousin
General Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey and Alida Livingston 1st cousin married to 1st cousin of wife
John Moore and Judith Newcomb Livingston Husband of 1st cousin
John Reade and Catharine Livingston
Cornelia Livingston and
Dr. Baltus Van Kleeck and Cornelia Livingston
Major Andrew Billings and Cornelia Livingston
Gilbert James Livingston and Susannah Lewis 1st cousin
Yale President Timothy Dwight and Mary Woolsey Wive's 1st cousin's husband
Chancellor Robert R. Livingston and Elizabeth Stevens 2nd cousin
Mayor Edward Livingston and Mary McEvers 2nd cousin
Governor Morgan Lewis and Gertrude Livingston 2nd cousin
Mayor James Duane and Mary Livingston 2nd cousin
Major Gen. Philip John Schuyler and Catharine Van Rensselaer 2nd cousin, once removed, married to 3rd cousin
John Jay and Sarah Livingston 3rd cousin married to 2nd cousin
Major Gen. Richard Montgomery and Janet Livingston
Harper's Magazine
Husband of 2nd cousin
Lt. Gov. Stephen Van Rensselaer and Margaret Schuyler 1st cousin married to 3rd cousin
Mayor Philip Schuyler Van Rensselaer and Anne De Peyster Van Cortlandt 3rd cousin married to 1st cousin
Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler 3rd cousin
COUSINS of Henry's Children's Generation
Lydia Hubbard Moore and Rev. William Henry Hart Husband of 1st cousin, once removed
Maria Seabury Moore and Rev. David Moore, D.D. Husband of 1st cousin, once removed
DESCENDANTS Of Henry Livingston and Sarah Welles
Arthur Breese and Catharine Livingston Son-in-law
        Illinois Supreme Court Justice Sidney Breese and Eliza Morrison Grandson
        Rear Admiral Samuel Livingston Breese and Emma Lovett
        Barent Bleecker Lansing and Sarah Breese Husband of granddaughter
                Brig. Gen. Henry Livingston Lansing and Catharine Gibson Great grandson
                        Captain Livingston Lansing and Grace Cleveland Coxe 2nd great grandson
                                Colonel Cleveland Coxe Lansing and Abbie Livingston 3rd great grandson
                                        Livingston Lansing and Edith Blagbrough 4th great grandson
                        Brig. Gen. Henry L. Burnett and Sarah Lansing Husband of 2nd great granddaughter
                                Catharine Burnett and Jack Bell 3rd great granddaughter
                                        Bradley Evans Bell Van Deusen and Jean Butridge 4th great grandson
                                                Mary Van Deusen and Paul Kosinski 5th great granddaughter
                Brig. Gen. Henry Seymour Lansing and Jane Amelia White Great grandson
                Charles Walker Morse and Manette Antill Lansing Husband of great granddaughter
                                Bleecker Lansing Morse, Sr. and Annie Maud Pillow 3rd great grandson
                                        Judge "Skip" Robert Finley Breese Morse and Jo Ann Long 4th Great grandson
        Captain Samuel Birdsill Griswold and Catharine Walker Breese Husband of granddaughter
                Samuel Finley Breese Morse and Sarah Elizabeth Griswold Husband of great granddaughter
DESCENDANTS Of Henry Livingston and Jane McLean Patterson
Dr. Charles Paterson Livingston and Eliza Clement Brewer Son
        Lester Samuel Hubbard and Jane Patterson Livingston Husband of Granddaughter
                Commodore Robert Gracey Denig and Jeannie (Paterson) Livingston Hubbard Husband of Great granddaughter
                        Brig. Gen. Robert Livingston Denig, Sr. and Maud 2nd Great grandson
                                Brig. Gen. Robert Livingston Denig, Jr. 3rd Great grandson
                                Capt. James Livingston Denig, Jr. 3rd Great grandson
Sidney Livingston and Joannah Maria Holthuysen Son
        Henry Livingston of Babylon LI and Augusta Carrl Grandson
Edwin George Livingston Son
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Smith Thompson and Elizabeth Livingston
Judge Richard Ray Lansing and Elizabeth Livingston
Reverend William Barber Thomas and Jane Patterson Livingston Son-in-law
        Henry Livingston Thomas and Alice Rebecca Phinney Grandson
                William Sturges Thomas and Emma Rhein (Ellsie) Frank Great grandson
                        W. Stephen Thomas and Katharine Cornesh 2nd Great grandson
        Archdeacon William Reed Thomas and Louisa Eldridge Grandson
                Rev. Harold Livingston Reed Thomas Great grandson
Wakeman Bradley and Helen Platt Livingston Son-in-law
Abram Gifford Gurney and Susan Catharine Livingston Son-in-law
John Jacob Astor Employer for land lawsuit
Governor George Clinton and Cornelia Tappan Connection by marriage
Brigadier General James Clinton Colonel in Revolutionary War
Don Foster Professor at Vassar
Anne McVicar Grant Author of Memoirs of an American Lady
Washington Irving Author of History of New York
Chancellor James Kent Brother Gilbert's law partner
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Dutchess County Historian


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