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Poughkeepsie September 14th 1823

My beloved Brother Edwin

It is now 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, all is calm and [x]. Mama and some of the girls are lying down. Papa is somewhere about, and Sidney has gone with Robert [x] to take a ramble through the neighbor's fields and see how their corn looks. So I shall have no one to interrupt me.

Oh my dear Edwin how I long to see you, how I long to talk to you. When I came home from Church I always think of your question. "Have you had a comfortable sermon darling? And I believe my answer was generally in the affirmative. I enjoy more pleasure in going to Church than in almost any thing else. Mr. Cuyleo gave us a most excellent discourse this evening, and last Sunday we have Dr. Knott President of Union College to preach for us. We were all delighted with him. We have a Sunday school established in our church and I have been for a few Sabbaths a teacher. I dined at Mr. Cuylers, Mr. Holmes the Principal of the Academy is Principal of the Sunday School also. He is one of the most pious men I ever knew.

I became very much interested in my Class and with the school generally and I felt very sorry to be obliged to give it up but the days have got to be so short that I found it very inconvenient about getting home after school.

Jane Eliza is one of the teachers. So is Julia [x]. Julia looks beautiful. She enquired last Sunday very particularly about you, (as in fact every one that knows you does). I told her that you was pleasantly situated and you frequently entertained Lee in your letters, and oh you can't think how delighted the little creature appeared to be.

We have had a charming summer and lovely fall this far. We have made some few pleasant visits and had some company, but generally speaking we have dissipated rather less than usual. Alfred spent four weeks with us very much to his hearty delight. I believe he is a dear fellow. He wanted you to call him [x], and lay on the floor singing Yanky Doodle with him. Oh dear me, I can hardly think of those times without laughing. And then [x] [x] the [x] that you are so far distant to daub my lively feeling.

But you will [x] you, shall not, you must not, stay more than 2 years.

Oh Edwin what a joyful time it will make when you are again added to our circle, dear fellow how we miss you. I long again to have your sweet notes on the flute to see your own bloomming face and to hear your cheerful voice. I enjoy it all in my dreams, and God in his gracious mercy grant that e'er long we may enjoy it in reality.

Sidney & Robert have just come in from their walk, they have been looking at Van Annberg's corn and every body's else in that direction. They are now going up to the funeral of Christina Schuyler, who died yesterday morning of a consumption. Poor Belinda Emiott will feel the loss no doubt - very sensibly. [x] has not yet returned. We have almost finished [x] [x] has [x] [x]


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