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Utica 17th October 1809

Dear Papa,

Tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock Aunt Van Kleeck with Cousin Eliza set their faces toward the rising sun, under the squireship and protection of J.R. Bleecker Esq. [Father-in-law of Governor Horatio Seymour] as far as Albany, and from there to Steam Boat to Poughkeepsie. My wishes to accompany them are strong - but it is too inconvenient for me to leave home at this time to think of it.

In about 14 days I shall move my office to a building that is now finishing for me. Two rooms on the lower floor of fourteen feet square each. I shall probably attend the Feby term in Albany, and may then spend a four days with you. But even that, I hardly promise myself.

Mr Breese has not yet returned from NY with his children's step mother. We however look for him on Saturday next. Aunt and Eliza will tell you how your grandchildren are, how handsome, how engaging, how lovely they are.

The Mindus lot 20[x]x-34 is now decided. The costs taxed, and the Judg't Record on file. The whole bulk of costs is $250 - 4[x] - of which I am obliged to advance 160 - for Commissioners, Surveying and other fees. The expenses of surveying, and comr making partition alone was $129-[x].

There are, on sum, Nine Proprietors - and the [x] for their [x] of each share to pay is $27 [x].

The cost relating to the partition of lands, among tenants in Common makes the Petershams responsible, and compels Lewis to pay all the expenses of Partition, and gives him his remedy against the other proprietors or accused by enabling Lewis to enforce all executions immediately for the properties clear from such [x] or [x] against their persons or estates.

As I am under the immediately necessity of advancing the full amount of all the expenses, I must be remunerated. I will thank you therefore to call on Uncle Duyckinck for his proportions of the expenses sustained, as stated about $27. [x]3. There is also the share of Aunt Schenck's children to be paid, they are eight in number and this per[x] as follows.

Uncle Schenck as the guarantee of Gilbert Gilbert Schenck (1787-1812), Cornelia Cornelia Schenck (1789-1852), Sarah Sarah Schenck (1791-1855), and Peter Peter Schenck (1793-1837) is accountable for $13. [x]2 which is $3..4[x] for each [x]. John Schenck (1782-1813) for #27 [x]3. Mathew [x], John B. Van Wyck & Mr [x] 3..4 [x] each. You will please to [x] this money for me and your receipt shall be a full discharge to them. When the whole or a part of this money is collected I wish you to pay it to John S. Frear Jun. to whom I am indented between $70 & 80 dollars and who most kindly has waited long for his money. Enclosed is an order on Mr. Street for twenty dollars which [x] [x]

I wish paid to Aunt Caty Gilbert and enclosed on a bond he holds against me for $250 which will a little more than [x] one year interest. I am as much unable at present to pay Cousin Harry his thirty-four pounds ten shillings and ten pence [x] was thirty four thousand three hundred and ten half [x].

All you love as usual we are in health. Kiss Mama and the children for me and express to them if you can, one half the love I bear them.

Affectionately yours

Henry W. Livingston


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