Henry Livingston, Sr.
Henry Livingston's Letters

A Packet of Old Letters
Dutchess County Year Book Volume 6, 1921, p.52

for Henry Livingston Esqr. at Poughkeepsie. pr your Children.

Hond. Sir
I Send you the Courses of my land --Mr. DuBois and I have each of us drawn a plan of the Land and found it fell short of Sixty Acres, which we have rectified, and I have a plan of it. So that I need not trouble Mr. Livingston to draw a plan, please to draw the Deed as Soon as may be with Convenience. Consideration 5 pound or 10 pounds: a Deed of Gift, the Land warranted in the fullest maner to me &c for ever, without any Exception-- I have sent you the Consideration on the paper enclosed upon which the Land was given, and if the form is legal please to insert in the Deed as it Stands; but if the form is not Legal, express the Things Contained in a Legal form. I would by all means have it drawn unexceptionable, So that there never may be a flaw picked in it afterwards-- please to draw it on good parchment-- and send back the courses with the Deed -- the Contents are (allowing Two Acres & 33 perches for the Road) 60 Acres, 2 Roods, 3 Perches-- as may appear on the Enclosed paper under the Courses-- it must be dated Feb. 1, 1749/50.

My parents from New England being with us, Salute your Self and Spouse, In which my wife and I heartily concur.

I am Hond. Sr, in the greatest Haste
Your humble Servant To Command
Chauncey Graham

I send pr your
Children a Deed
from father Van Wyck
for Record--
May 3d, 1755.

Hope the Children will play Sufficiently in their fortnight assigned please to send the Courses of Mr. Isaac Adriances Land for which you wrote the Lease & Release of 49 1/2 Acres--

Mr. Graham, a New Englander, was pastor for some thirty years of the English-speaking Presbyterian congbregation at Brinckerhoffville, Dutchess County, and conducted there a school also.


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