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Kaskaskia, Nov'br 6th, 1820

Dear father

In my last letter to Mama I mentioned the possibility of a dissolution of Partnership taking place between Dr. Betts & myself. For the last week we have been engaged in settling our business which has been done very amicably. On settlement I find myself in possession of the shop, consisting of medicine and shop furniture, the first cost of which, by inventory this weeks, amounts to $720; at retail, say, worth $1700, & about $1200 in accounts, on which I shall lose very little so that my years work amounts to, clear of all expenses, about $1800. I have now commenced business by myself and (shall) never engage in a aprtnership again of this kind. I feel confident of succeeding well.

I expect an answer to my letter of the 19th September every day. I sincerely hope you have received the money on that draft I sent you. I wish to have some medicine from New York next spring if possible, about $300 or $500 worth if I could have it sent on immediately and I'll send the money immediately after its arrival. Messrs Hull & Bowne, druggists in N. Y. I should like to deal with but I am not acquainted with them. Suppose you should enquire of Dr. Downs (?) who I know deals with them, if it is possible I could have medicines sent me by way of N. Orleans & pay on their arrival, on his accomodation I can get them. I wish you to enquire & let me know as soon as possible; but if Edwin should come on, I would not like to have the medicine as it would push me too hard at once. I want either him or the medicine to come in the spring. Although money is scarce I can advance to him, or pay the medicine. My heath never was better. Betts is not yet well. Accept my love & best wishes to the family.

Yr affect.,

C. P. Livingston.

P.S. Sid goes to Vandalia in a few days to live. The lot that Betts & myself purchased I gave up to him entirely. I intend purchasing one & building next summer some time.

Nov. 11th. In consequence of some new arrangement of the mails my letter was not sent when written so I break open and write again.

On the 9th inst. about 4 o'clock in the afternoon we had quite a severe shock of an earthquke, the hardest that has been felt here for 5 years. The night following the shock it commenced snowing and continued all the next day, xx however, which left it on the ground about 3 1/2 inches xx. This day water and snow in abundance.

By xx Mail I xx to Mr. Reynolds of Amsterdam for information respects Betts caper which, by the bye, is very public, not through my means, but long before I came here. My Po'keepsie friends don't write me, the reason they have I do not know, even Sidney & Edwin don't write any more. Mama & the girls have also quitted a correspondence which afforded me the greatest satisfaction and pleasure. Adieu--

Yours &c

Charles P. Livingston

Henry Livingston, Esquire,
Po'keepsie, Dutchess Co.,
New York.


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