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Transcription - New York Historical Society

Pittsburgh, July 30th 1819

My dear father

I left Philadelphia on Sunday morning last at 7 o'clock in the mail stage. The moring was raining but it soon cleared up & a fine day for travelling succeeded. We arrived at a small village called Downings-Town where we dined, arriving at Lancaster about 8 o'clock in the evening, only staying long enough to change horses. This place is 62 miles from Philadelphia containing about 8000 inhabitants. We then drove 18 miles to Elizabeth-Town, quite a small Village, which place we reached 12 o'clock at night, found a surly landlord, eat our supper, went to bed at one o'clock, rose again at 3 and set off for Harrishburgh, where we breakfasted which is 18 miles farther. Harrisburgh is the seat of government of Pennsyvania. It is about as large as Po'keepsie. Carlisle, the next place we saw, distance 18 miles, is a very pretty Village, say 2500 Inhabitants. There is

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Somerset in the evening, distance 38 miles, the County town of Somerset Co. 29th Left Somerset for Greenburgh. In the way we passed the villages Lackland, Legonier & Youngs, the distance is 42 miles. Pittsburgh the next place is 32 miles where we arrived to dine on Fryday the 30th

A Quaker gentleman has been my companion from New York to this place


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