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Transcription - New York Historical Society

Kaskaskia, Oct. 26th, 1824

Dear Father,

I shall enclose in this letter receipt for taxes &c &c paid by me for Tunis VanKleeck, the whole amount you will see by the certificate is $11.00, when you deliver the certificate receive the above sum.

Resecting the value of the land the Auditor writes thus --- "This quarter of land from its local situation I should think valuable, as much so as most (or superior to very many) it lies near the Mississippi in a good quarter of the Military tract. I should not think it advisable to part from it until I had correct information."

This certificate should have been sent on before, but I have just received it from xx.

I start tomorrow morning for St. Louis for the express purpose of getting Edwin's trunk. I shall then adopt the safest and most feasible plan to forward it to him. I have almost determined to leave this country next spring, and as soon after as may be locate in Ohio near Lake Erie say at Sandusky, Cleveland or Erie, but think I shall be obliged to take my medicines &c, with me in that case I shall return to N.York via. N.Orleans. I had better retain the trunk I think till then, if I succeed in selling out my medicines etc. I will send it, the trunk, by the first opportunity and go directly to Lake Erie. Times are hard, I shall not be able to collect much money, not more than 3 or 400 possibly, but even with that sum I'll try my luck in another place. I keep my wagon yet and a pair of well matched grey horses. The country is remarkably healthy, my health is perfectly restored. Osborn has been confined about two months with fever, I have not seen him since he left this place the last of June, he was getting practice & was highly esteemed.

Give my sincere love to the family and respects to all.

Yours Affectionately,

C. P. L.

Take the amount of postage from the money you receive the balance among xx


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